Another question about a student visa

Hey all,

I will (hopefully) be receiving a visitor visa to study Chinese come September (I have not applied yet, but I can’t imagine I will get denied since I received a Huayu scholarship to study Chinese). I am currently in Taiwan and have an ARC. I will be leaving the country in the middle of August to go back to America before my ARC expires on the 31st. I have already booked my flight backed to Taiwan and am supposed to arrive in Taipei on the 20th of September. My Chinese classes to do not start until Sept. 28th…So, my question is, will I have any problem entering the country around a week before my classes officially begin? On my Visa application should I specify that I am planning on arriving in Taiwan on the 20th before my classes begin? Would arriving that much earlier before my classes begin be any grounds for denying my visitor visa to study Chinese?

These questions may seem a bit silly, but I was not sure how much earlier you were allowed to enter Taiwan before your Chinese classes officially begin. If any has some experience with this please let me know!



Back in 2009, I arrived one and a half months before my classes started. I had no problem whatsoever. Just show proof of acceptance by the school and you’ll be fine.

and renew it when the time to do so comes.