Another sad story of animal abuse:( (Jiayi Chapter)

My gf got a call from our vet and he told her that he has a dog that someone found that needs a home.

We went in tonight to see him and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The dog has some wounds on his back and I asked the vet what they are from. He said that it was from acid. He thinks that someone threw acid of some sort on this dog. One wound is about 7 inches long and an inch wide and the other is maybe half the size.

This dog’s rear right leg was broken from getting hit by a car.

The doctor treated him and it looks like his wounds are healing quite nicely.

When the man found him he was a bloody suffering mess at the side of the road.

Considering what this dog has been through he is incredibly active and playful. He was let out of his cage when I got there and he was jumping around and licking my hand.

He is a sweet Black Lab. The vet says he is about 2 years old. I am thinking about adopting him. It broke my heart to see him and know what happened to him.

I’m going to start another thread asking for advice on bringing this dog into my home.

At the vet there was a little kitten who lost two of his legs because he had climbed into the engine of a car.

Then on the way home I saw a dead cat on the road. It has been a very sad evening.

I hope you give him a good home Lo Bo To; I think he deserves it.