Another screw-up by US intelligence in the search for WMD

Quite amusing actually. Or rather sad: … xhome.html

It was also reported in ‘The Times’ (UK) and on the BBC.


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Weapons of Mass Drunkenness!

If the Scots can “tweak” their process for whiskey and make WMD, maybe the “coalition of the willing” should drop some bombs over there…

Yeah, my cousin’s best friend’s sister heard from some roadworker that there was a Scot that once spoke to terrorists that might have been linked to Al Quida. :shock:

So undoubtedly Scotland is another part of the axis of evil, and the whole country should be demolished so there wont be any risk of WMDs falling in wrong hands. Invade first - ask questions later. There’s too much risk involved in not attacking. :x

“If armageddon devices of biblical proportion don’t belong in the hands of fundamentalist religious extremists, where do they belong?”

Excellent. Now we know where to find Bin laden: Gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict.


Oh, damn these dual-use technologies! The same plant that can make 80-proof whisky can probably make enough 151 to blow up the world. Between alcoholism and drunken accidents, I bet the death toll is more from whisky each year than from terrorism.

It’s certainly a lot more dangerous than the two truck trailers found in Iraq that could, conceivably, be used to hold equipment to make weapons of mass destruction.

I am still waiting for the ice cream trucks to be found. Radiating vanilla and glowing strawberry flavours with enriched whipped cream - yummy.

Well, as our president would say:

“Mmmmmmmmm… nukalicious!”

Rascal wrote:

… . I fear they’ve already melted into the dessert sands.