Another Socialist Paradise (Pipedream) Circling the Toilet


100% of this forum was nonexistent in 1981, when Carter stepped down from the presidency. Members of this forum may be a different story. However I would bet that the ratio of folks here who personally remember that commie Jimmy Carter in office would be higher than 10%.


I was existing when Nixon was in term 1!

Calling him a commie is a little harsh, but…OK. Whatevs.


Can we vote on the title? My vote would go to: “Jimmy Carter: Communist, Destroyer of Venezuela, and Sex Pervert”.


You forgot “fearer of rabbits”

but…Sex Pervert? He lusted in his heart a couple of times. No small feat of that!


I thought that last one was his brother. :idunno:


I’m just trying to help out. The kids today, you know.

It would be terribly difficult to underperform Fred’s title, “Another Socialist Paradise (Pipedream) Circling the Toilet”. That’s just ugly writing and bad punctuation.

Moreover, because the situation is clearly all the fault of Jimmy Carter, as Fred has so lucidly demonstrated by unassailable logic, my suggested thread title would appear to fit the bill. One who lusts in his (not her, obviously) heart can be considered a sex pervert, based upon the available evidence from 36 studies on the topic. I rest my case.


Billy? Was he a pervert? I thought he just drank a ton of beer. OK, I guess. But…he has been dead for 30 years. Why is this an issue now?

If we are talking about family of former presidents, let us not forget Neil!

Maya didn’t seem too bad.


Billy Carter is dead? Fork.


So it is not limited to peanut farmers from Plains, GA?


No. Peanut farmers are automatically included, of course. But there are others out there, so we must valiantly keep watch.


Since @discobot appears to be offline undergoing maintenance allow me to explain why Fred Smith regards Jimmy “Habitat for Humanity”as evil incarnate. This book:


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Why not Palestine? Jimmy’s success from Iran to Afghanistan to Nicaragua now extends to a PEACE AGREEMENT for North Korea in 1994 and a GLOWING report of NOTHING TO SEE HERE from the Venezuelan election in 2013! He’s amazing! But always wrong! But he meant well and he is against the Group Who Cannot Be Named Cuz They Control EVERYTHING!!! So he must be all right after all, right? RIGHT!!!


Was it a good book? Did you enjoy reading it?


Sigh… Everyone is a f***ing critic these days. Really? I thought that my title captured a certain image though I admit that pipe to toilet and pipe dream to circling the title may have been a bit too esoteric for one and all. But, appreciate the effort. APPRECIATE the effort.


The events that occurred in Iran during his presidency have their roots in events that happened a quarter century earlier. How the events in November of 79 could have been avoided remains to be seen. Afghanistan lingered throughout Reagan’s presidency and into Bush’s, how is Afghanistan Carter’s fault? That mess started a year before Nixon resigned. The 70’s were a bad time for America. It started with the winding down of the misadventures in SEAsia, dealt with the resignation of a president, then a do-nothing president, hyper-inflation, and ended with a man in a turban giving the US a black-eye, something of which the Yankee boys are not willing to forgive, 40 years on.




It’s a president’s job to lie, even after leaving office, so after reading Carter’s book I understood why so many Americans think he did such a bad job at being president.