Another Socialist Paradise (Pipedream) Circling the Toilet


Fixed that for you.


half-ful, half-empty


Depends on what side of the capitalist coin you are on. Or, more precisely, what rung on the ladder are you on, and is there any chance to move up. Also, where is the bar for “success” of capitalism? Is it owning a Mercedes? House? Scooter? TV? Microwave?

Then you have competition for wages that always ends up as a race to 0. The entrepreneur doesn’t care, they get their goods manufactured for cheap, more profit. The consumer doesn’t care, they get their good. Its the ones in the middle that have to eat it.

What about those people in the middle? The labor. They can be replaced by automation. That’s OK. Someone else’s problem. I do not hear the FoxConn factory workers screaming praises about capitalism.

The free market? Whatever. Entrepreneuers use the government to bend the free market over a car and have its way with it. Grab it by the genitals, if you will. Some believe that the net neutrality thing will be solved by the free market. Yeah. And AIDS can be prayed away. Comcast, et al have been paying for this to happen for a long time. And since these players are the only gig in town for many, and can now charge what they want for access, who you gonna call?


If you gave FoxConn factory workers a choice between today’s capitalism and returning to Chairman Mao’s socialist paradise I’d bet you’d have few takers for a return to the past.


Scared? Jotham? Away? I think his charitable impulses finally gave out.


Nice to know you’re more charitable. :slight_smile:

But wait – if you keep giving us handouts of wisdom, doesn’t it mean you’re socializing us? :astonished:


No I am socializing with you to be charitable. Charities and charitable behavior are not proscribed but rather encouraged in capitalist systems but as voluntary not forced actions that do not set up large government bureaucracies to er do good and make do gooders feel good about themselves with the money of others. See Paris treaty and ACT now!!! Before it is too late!!! Repent now!!! Not that this is in any way a religious sentiment cuz that would be silly!!!


Right, civil servants only do their jobs to feel good about themselves, and no-one gives to charity for that reason. Of course. :whistle:

I hope the day will come when your great benevolence can find the statistics and the hidden history of Europe in 2005 that my worthless self doesn’t know how to look up. :bowing:


Go to google type in Sweden economic or welfare or tax reform and then type Sweden anti immigration. I’ll just bet your lil ole self can find something though not necessarily in a color book format now go fetch!


Master, for your own protection, I refuse. Last time I fetched something from the Googleplex at @rowland’s urging, he wasn’t happy with the result. I need to stop you from getting hurt. :dog:


I’m not worried. Go! Fetch!


Try sweden slimmest Nordic welfare state to start.


I’m just standing here wondering if Master is in good health or not.

Try sweden slimmest Nordic welfare state to start.

I doubt it would be half as exciting as you think. The meaning of the word slim varies from culture to culture.


So you are not capable or blindly unwilling?


Same question to you. :slight_smile:


I asked you first now go fetch!


Fred, you want to make a point get your own talking points, then back them up with a link, preferably quoting a short part of what you deem relevant and enough with the “fetch” bullshit, you have worn that joke out.


Soooooo serious everyone is today… on phone not computer. Can it really be so damned difficult to google search the exact fucking title of the article? Apparently so… apparently so…


Fred, I realize good help is harder than ever to find these days but it’s just good manners to make your own arguments. Like opening your own car door or tying your own tie. Pip, pip, old chap.


Why WHY do I need to open my own door!!! Is there no end to the indignities of life?