Another take on Inter-racial dating - from You Tube

This sequence takes about a half an hour to get through, but it’s an intersting watch.

You lost me there. Can you give the time-strapped the condensed version?

Nothing particularly revealing. The same as the Asian Fetish topic, but with black people.

Here’s my synopsis (not direct quotes):

Host: Okay, tell me why people get so upset at seeing a brother with a white woman.
Ex-football star: Can’t we all just get along? It’s not my fault that most of the people around me are white. But I know where I came from. I go looking for sisters occasionally, and my current girlfriend is black.
Anthropologist: Well, we’re all originally from Africa, so there’s no such thing as interracial dating.
Comedian: Black women have too much attitude, white women are friendlier.
Actor: I disagree with everything the comedian says–I have no preference–but all my girlfriends are white. Black women tend to be insecure because the media doesn’t portray them as beautiful.

Host: Is there any truth to the stereotypes?
Comedian: Yes, black women won’t talk to you unless you’ve got money, and then they will try to take it all from you. On the other hand, white women will take care of you and they’ll sleep with you more quickly.
Ex-football star: No. If you’ve got mojo, you can get along with women of any race. You’ve just got to know how to approach people.
Comedian: You have it easy because you’re a professional athlete. I live in a shack.
Actor: I disagree with everything the comedian says–gold-digging is a woman thing–but my white girlfriend dropped me off here.
Anthropologist: See, this is the problem! We don’t give black women enough credit for taking care of brothers. If a woman can’t take care of you, then it’s probably because she doesn’t have the money. That makes it a class issue, not a race issue.
Host: Broke men and black women don’t mix.

Host: What do you think of Tiger Woods?
Ex-football star, Actor, and Comedian: He’s crazy. He’s black and should be proud.
Anthropologist: He’s bi-ethnic and trying hard to have people of all colors feel a connection with him. His fame might have originally been based off his being the first black person to win the Masters, but after reaching a certain point of fame, all people have a tendancy to try to remake their identities. He shouldn’t be forced to put down his mother’s heritage.
Host to Actor: How would you feel if your son told you that he wasn’t black?
Actor: I would be hurt.
Everybody: Maybe it’s okay to be “bi-ethnic,” but we still have to warn our kids that other people are still going to just see them as black.
Host: My daughter isn’t bi-ethnic, but she has bi-ethnic hair. What’s up with that?
Actor: Yeah, my woman doesn’t put anything in my son’s hair either. I pick him up and he’s got no lotion, looking ashy!
Anthropologist: Me and my Chinese wife are waiting to see what are child’s hair will look like. We’re very curious.

The new segment, “Black Men Revealed–Part 4”
Host: Let’s flip the script. How do you feel about black women dating white men?
Comedian: I think it’s wrong.
Everybody else: Are you crazy, Jonny White Boy? How could you, of all people, say it’s wrong?
Comedian: I just imgaine him in the bedroom going “Oh, come on, my African woman!”
Host: So, the white girls are calling you their “Big Ole Mandingo?”
Comedian: No! No white girl’s ever called me that. My problem is that black women aren’t really happy with white men, they’re only pretending. And pretending to be white too, with their fresh, greasy-looking, weaves.
Actor: I disagree with everything the comedian says. I talk to black women all the time. It’s because of people like the comedian that black women feel abandoned and go dating white guys. I don’t have a problem with them dating white guys, I’m dating a white woman.
Ex-football star: I’ve got no problem with black women dating white guys. Whether or not a relationship works depends on the chemistry of the people involved.
Anthropologist: Well, we’re all African really.
Comedian: Well, the black girls that grow up white–like he ones in Orange County–they’re really white, so it’s okay for them to date white guys; that’s what they’re used to.
Ex-football star: Some black guys just don’t like white guys dating black women because they feel like white men already can get anything they want; they shouldn’t be able to have black women too.
Anthropologist: Yes, it’s a sense of empowerment issue.
Comedian: I don’t have anything against white guys, it’s just that it seems like when a black girl dates a white guy, she’s rejecting all black men. Me, just because I’m dating a white girl now doesn’t mean I won’t date a black girl later.
Ex-football star: There are brothers that say the same thing.
Comedian: That’s true, but it’s more true for black women. Black men who will exclusively date white women are the exception rather than the rule. For black women, once they date a white guy, they never go back to dating black guys. A black guy might date a lot of white girls, but he’ll probably marry a black one.

So complicated. Just like a tongue twister :unamused:

Anthropologist: Me and my Chinese wife are waiting to see what are child’s hair will look like. We’re very curious.

:unamused: I can’t see the vids, but was this made by a black guy? If so, so typical of that mentality.

God forbid the child should be healthy.