Another teacher death

I heard through a Taiwanese friend of mine that a Canadian English teacher in Hsinchu and his girlfriend died yesterday from carbon monoxide poisoning after taking a heater into their bedroom and closing the door. I don’t have any more details but it’s a cautionary tale to all with fuel-burning heaters - don’t even think of taking one into the bedroom. Another tragedy that could have so easily been avoided.

Very sad. RIP. Was it a kerosene heater? Even those need a vent of some sort. No wood or coal burners obviously.

Unfathomable that in this day and age someone would “accidentally” do this.


Here’s a link to what appears to be a Chinese-language news article about it:

There was an electric space heater in the room, but that wasn’t the source of the carbon monoxide. The source was a water heater on the balcony. All the windows were sealed shut, trapping the gas inside.

A needless tragedy.