Another very sensible view on "that" religion … e_war.html

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I thought it was pretty harsh even if many of her points were valid. In reality very few Muslims are like the ones she was describing.

I thought its scientology, indicated from the topic.

Fantastic video AND I would like to point out that this debate really only began in earnest because of 911 and later because of Iraq. NOW people in the region, particularly the Persian Gulf are discussing these things. That does not mean that they will agree but at least the debate is becoming public.

What was harsh? Either you agree with her points or you do not… Was she using offensive language?

what points were valid?

A great many of the ones that I know are. How many Muslims do you know? How many Muslim nations in the Middle East have you visited? How would you know?

Remember it took two major world wars and a great deal of time and effort to civilize Germany. Is it not possible that similar efforts can and will remake the Middle East?

dablindfrog -
Thank you very much for posting this.
I have read much about this exchange and the writings of Ms Wafa Sultan. This is the first time I’ve seen her speak.
Very powerful message.

Indeed. Thanks for the last-minute help. :uk:


Well I thought the other chap wasn’t too quick off his feet, I mean, he could have mentioned Thailand when it came to Buddhists killing muslims and blowing up mosques, for example.


There could be hope yet. She was marvellous.