Another Visa Question


I’m visiting Taiwan this summer for around 70 days…and am worried about them not extending my visitor visa.

My reason for going though is staying there to see relatives (my grandmother to be exact) and to stay with them for the summer as I haven’t seen them since I was 3. Is this a good enough reason to get Visa extensions? My problem is that I wont be physically living with them (in a dorm instead) and what would I need to prove that I’m here with relatives?

My mother is a Taiwanese citizen though…would it help in any way?

I don’t have the money to fly to HK and back to do Visa runs and trying to find a summer job has been difficult as no one seems to want to hire a worker for just 3 months.


From what I understand, visiting direct relatives is a valid reason to extend a visitor visa (actually, the only ‘valid reason’ I’ve ever heard of), and I think a grandmother would qualify. Just tell them you are staying with her; they have no way of knowing otherwise.
If possible, say your mother is living here too – but I don’t know if they would need proof, like a copy of her current household registration or something.
Either way, I wouldn’t expect any problems.

I’m sure that you would need to prove that she is your grandmother. But I think the only way you could prove that she is your grandmother is to show your birth certificate as well as your mother’s birth certificate.

Another option is to pay for tuition at a language school, even if you never attend classes. But that usually costs about 5000 NT.

But since your mother is a Taiwanese citizen, then you can apply for an “Overseas Taiwanese” passport, and then you could stay up to four months each time. You can apply at any Taiwanese de-facto embassy (“Taiwan Cultural and Economic Office”).