Another VISA question

My VISA, ARC, current contract, everything expires at the end of June. I want to travel Taiwan as a tourist for awhile before I leave. I understand that you can go to the police station and get an extension. Can I do this myself? Do I need to bring anything with me? Do you think I will trouble?

If this question has been asked and answered before could you link me to thread? I tried a search statement but couldn’t find anything. Even other sites did not say anything about extending visas for travel purposes.

There are no straightforward guidelines on when extensions to ARCs or visas are given. You’ll find some people have them approved with no problems and others denied, even when they had a good reason. You should just go and see what happens and then come back and report what the result is so that others will know. You can do this yourself, and you just need your ARC and passport in this case, though an outline of your travel plans might influence them. If your extension is denied, you should either be prepared to leave at the end of June or make a quick trip to Hong Kong and come back on a landing visa.

Thanx. I’ll go and see what happens. I’ll let you know. It will probably be about a week and a half before I go.


I went to the FAP. Its on Chungcheng Rd not far from the East Gate. Its not the one you can see from the East Gate. They told me to buy an airline ticket for not more then 14 days from the date of (visa) expiry and they would give me an extention for that long.

I found them to be very pleasent and willing help. They were a little amused that I wanted to travel in Taiwan though. So, it is very possible to get help from the FAP.

Please note. I don’t actually have the extension yet.