Another xenophobic land

I would never have thought it, but the land that I call home is becoming more and more xenophobic. Have they been watching Taiwan or something?!

Here’s the political party
and here’s the ad

And here is the policy.

[quote]The Changing Face of New Zealand
Immigration raises profound issues for the future of this country.
It goes to the heart of who we are as a nation, and for that reason the present unprecedented rates of immigration are having a serious impact on our national identity.
New Zealand First is not against immigration - as long as it is in our national interest, but the numbers arriving here are out of control.

According to official statistics, the annual rate of arrivals is now more than 70,000 - or the equivalent to the entire population of Palmerston North coming each year. (Some studies give an even higher figure).

It is impossible for a small country, with only four million people, to absorb these numbers without serious disruption, and without changing the face and character of our country.
About 300,000 New Zealand residents speak little, or no English, and the number is growing all the time.

Recent changes to the immigration system will not mean any reduction in the numbers arriving. It will simply mean shuffling the queues because the Government intends maintaining the numbers.

Auckland is bursting at the seams because another “city” of immigrants arrive every year, placing impossible strains on social services, housing and roading systems.

There is no other example in the world of a Government, that in peacetime has deliberately allowed its major population and economic centre to be overwhelmed by mass immigration as is the case with Auckland.
New Zealand First believes that New Zealand is for New Zealanders and that we have to look after our own first. We do not believe that Kiwis should queue behind immigrants for housing, health treatment, education or employment.
All over the world people are striving to strengthen their own cultural identity.

For some absurd reason, we are doing the opposite - what makes our society distinctive is being submerged in a tidal wave of immigration.

The clock cannot be turned back. The tidal wave of migrants coming into New Zealand is changing this country forever.

Mass immigration threatens our values, our customs and our way of life.

New Zealand First is the only party committed to a drastic reduction in immigration. We say that we have to put the brakes on - not next year - not even next month - but NOW!


Just what is a New Zealander anyway, for that matter, what is a Taiwanese?

This whole thing seems to be bred from insecurity and fear.

Comments and rebutals from this article please.

You tell me Bassman, aren’t you an NZer ?
How many supporters does this party have ? Is it more than 6 ?
Will it go the same way as Pauline Hanson who is now in prision ?

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]You tell me Bassman, aren’t you an NZer ?
How many supporters does this party have ? Is it more than 6 ?
Will it go the same way as Pauline Hanson who is now in prision ?[/quote]

I am a NZer but by their definition my wife and kid shouldn’t be

Supporters - Yes, much more than 6 supporters, but the combined IQ is 6.

One would hope that the leader ends up like Hanson.

This is the other side of the coin

NZ First is a party run by the charismatic (but incredibly sleazy) Winston Peters. Winston made an opportune break with the centre-right National Party (one of NZ’s two biggest parties), back in the early 90s. It is largely a one-man band. Actually reminds me of Soong and the PFP for these reasons.

They started off with these anti-immigration and anti-treaty (that is the Treaty of Waitangi which is used as the basis for redressing Maori grievances) platform. I haven’t been up to date with NZ politics for a while, but after shying away form these blatantly racist policies, it seems that they’ve returned to their roots.

Ironically Winston himself is Maori (or at least part-Maori). His support comes from (or at least came from), the ‘blue-rinse brigade’ of elderly who traditionaly supported National but disagreed with National cutting social welfare (including pensions/superannuation) - this was why Winston split with National in the first place - racists, and some Maori who support Winston because he’s Maori (there was also a bloke called Tau Henare who was a charismatic Maori guy, but I’m not sure if he’s still around.

After NZ’s first election under the MMP system of proportional representation, neither the centre-right National or centre-left Labour parties had a majority. Winston was int he position of being able to choose the government. Much to the disgust of most of those who’d voted for him, he threw in the towel with his old national party. Everyone had assumed he’d support Labour. This and other crap decisions (and a fight in a bar, and punching someone in Parliament) saw his popularity plummet.

Current support is around 8%-12%

More info here:,2106,264 … 20,00.html


PS Winston is a wanker.

I’m sold ! It’s paradise on earth ! Wait a minute, is the Guinness any good in NZ ?

Just like Ireland, there’s no snakes. Did they mention that? Climate will definitely be to your taste also, especially down Dunnedin way.


See the bottom photo on that page? You can see my old house from there. :smiley: :cry:


Keep it a secret - I am going to retire there and want to keep the cr*p out :slight_smile: