Another young activist for you all

He’s young and outspoken, so don’t you dare question him. Those are the rules, right?

If he turns out to be another nutcase, I won’t defend him. But if people here attack him for no good reason, they’d better not continue to defend any of their pets with admitted diagnoses, if you know what I mean.

Remember: not everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. Or bigoted. Or even ignorant. Actual bigotry doesn’t work that way.

I agree. But that goes both ways.

Surely there is an adult who makes these arguments, isn’t there? If some kid wants to get out there and argue politics, that’s fine. I just don’t see why they need to be propped up by media. Well, I guess I do see why, but I don’t like it.


I deal with this by not subscribing to news channels and not buying newspapers. :slight_smile:

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No news channels…no newspapers…

Finley gets all his news from Alex Jones and 4chan: #confirmed

I read this twice and I still don’t know what it means.


Young, black and conservative…uhm…is there an over/under on his social media account getting blocked/shadowbanned within the 2020 elections?

Nah, i just make stuff up. It’s basically the same as reading the newspaper, but cheaper.


Now all you need to do is figure out a way to monetize this.

Talk like that will get you banished to the cornfield.

Kids are cute. Helpless, but plucky. Don’t want to seen as anti-kid, do we?

I think Rupert Murdoch already nailed it. But now you mention it, I guess I could perhaps stand on street corners and offer to tell people whatever they want to hear for a small fee. Maybe NT$50 per serving of bullshit. Could work, right?

If you wore a clown outfit, it just might work. :sunglasses: