Answer My Question With A Question

Do you get the meat and potatoes?

Do you realy want my meat and 2 potatoes?

Would the two potatoes be roasted?

Who roasts potatoes?

Are you on drugs?

What kinds of drugs do you have?

Is this supposed to be fun? :loco:

Why is there someone who always asks that?

Why do u guys respond to such lame posts?

Which posts are lame?

Why is a duck “lame”?

Isn’t it because it is difficult for the duck to walk in water?

If you don’t like this thread there are plenty more and you have the power to start your own thread

Do you really have to ask?

Can’t you just stick your tounge in to find out?

Should I stick my tongue in the water?

How can you even think that?

Is it odd to think that?

What’s your definition of “odd”?

What am I doing responding to this post?

Have you got nothing better to do?