Anthony Bourdain dead at 61


Did someone say that?


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Gain vs Gain. Guess Daily Mail made up those photos too, huh?


Only Tony knows exactly what was going through his head at the time, but it’s hard to imagine that Asia’s fling with the hot young reporter wasn’t at least a contributing factor.


I said maybe.

Many here are implying that.

HE hanged himself. Whatever she did was not a contributing factor. It was his choice. If you don’t believe in choice, then it was his illness.


This statement has zero logic. Are you saying people’s decisions can’t have a number of contributing factors?


Not that I can see. As DM has noted, it’s certainly reasonable to mention it as a possible contributing factor.

That’s an incredible statement. I guess we’re done trying to understand people’s motivations for committing suicide. “He just killed himself, that’s it.”


So hypothetically, if one of Weinstein’s rape victims killed herself, would his assault also not be a contributing factor? No one is saying it was the ONLY factor. But I suggest you look up what the word “contributing” means. I bet if we were discussing Kate Spade’s suicide and her blaming her husband for it in her note, you’d be singing a completely different tune.


What I’m saying is that the ONLY factor to his suicide was his depression. Most people don’t kill themselves just because they got cheated on. The real issue here is mental health, not some standard Hollywood melodrama, assuming that it is true.

Are you seriously comparing cheating with rape? :noway:

Ah the SJW accusation. How convenient. :roll:


I’m really impressed by your amazing ability to get inside Tony’s head.


The point isn’t to compare. Either external factors contribute or they don’t. Pick a side.


External factors can cause stress. Mentally ill or depressed people may not have the skills to deal with that stress. I don’t see what is so complicated about that, even with not knowing what really went on.


It is a well-known FACT that depression is bar none the leading cause of suicide.


Well then, the debate is settled. Congratulations on your omniscience. :sunglasses:


Jesus. It’s called a tipping point. Tony battled depression for years. If you are battling depression and you catch the love of your life with another guy, know what? It might push you over the edge.

It’s not rocket science.


Apparently, “not rocket science” isn’t Gain’s strong suit.


I can’t wait for the NetFlix series ‘13 reasons why… it was all my fault and there were no contributing factors.’


I think Gain wants to make the point that ultimately we have to take responsibility for our own actions. He’s just doing a spectacularly bad job of making said point. Of course, I could be wrong…


Gain’s point changes with whatever the ideologues and social soldiers are currently saying on twitter and tumblr. I think Gain lacks the conviction of his/her words. If the conversation was about why Kate Spade killed herself, we’d be hearing about how horrible her husband was to her. That’s why I don’t adhere to the left or the right, because they’re both full of shit these days.


Well Gain is female for starters so …Yes you could be wrong :).

Or else I could be wrong.

I think Tony was working and travelling too much and that’s what really killed him. It’s all that alone time on the road it can really get you down . He was doing that for years and years. And he would write all his own copy and research the upcoming locations , he was definitely a workaholic and he did say that work came first. Work killed him. Work and alcohol possibly (but alcohol being self medication from the lifestyle ).

Tommy mentioned it and I’ve been a bit of a road warrior at times but never did 250 days on the road…Thats pretty crazy . We aren’t as humans supposed to be disconnected so much I think . Even if you have annoying neighbours and family they will keep an eye on you and give you a bit of stability.
He said his favourite thing was to go home and do his own washing and drying and catch up with his daughter.
Fuck it Tony you shoulda just had a rehab crisis like all the other celebs who burn out and then retired to the countryside for a bit !


Let`s not forget that Bourdain was eating multiple sausages: