Anti-Signature Campaign

Who wants to scroll through the same ol’ drivel time and again?
How does one disable these monstrosities?


My vote goes to simplicity. I’ll try it for a while.

Yes, yes - simplicity, as in bloody non-existent!

…yawwwnnnnn…lifes a bitch…

[quote]…yawwwnnnnn…lifes a bitch…

“Prostitution involves sex and free enterprise. Which of these are you opposed to?” - Joseph A. Hauptman
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Dear Forumosa,
thanks for moving my thread.
Any chance of a response to my question?
Is there a way to hide users’ signatures?
(This can be done on other forum sites.)

I have to agree with the Lout. I hate the signatures too. It would be great if we could hide them.

Well, you could choose to not display one yourself, for starters. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s no way to protect yourself from other people’s signatures or posts for that matter, unless you make use of the ignore function. I could get rid of the signature function altogether, but I rather like it.

Glad to see you can appreciate irony, Maoman. :wink:

Well, I know it is possible on other forums to hide posters’ sigs - it’s an option in the User Profile settings - so why not on Forumosa?

I wouldn’t for one minute suggest that you get rid of the signature function, but it would be nice to have the option of “skipping” some of the lengthy, tedious nonsense that some people include in their sigs.