Anti sound truck tactics (or devices)?

Ever work graveyard shift in Taiwan? good luck sleeping during the day cause of SOUND TRUCKS! You know those blue or other trucks with advertisments all over it and speakers selling whatever their bidder wants. How do I deal with them? I wish I could build one of those high tech sound laser that can project concentrated sound at them, giving them a taste of their own medicine…

I brought over an ambient noise machine that I bought in the states. I crank that sucker up pretty high and it drowns out a lot of noise. Instead of hearing those things, now I hear the sound of a stream running through my apartment. You’re still trading one noise for another, but having one consistent and predictable noise is much better than hearing the erratic and piercing shrills of Mandarin being playing over a loudspeaker. I hope this helps.

Quality earplugs ftw.

Note that the majority of the trucks are operating by advertising companies. If you call them (as opposed to the owner of the business that they’re advertising) you can ask them to avoid your street. Yes, it sounds unlikely to work, but I have heard many stories of the trucks being vandalized when parked or being pelted with rocks or eggs while out making noise. I think some of the operators have figured out it’s cheaper to avoid streets with offended residents than keep repairing the truck’s windows. Tell them what street you live, but don’t give them your address or the name of your building, just in case.

Don’t bother talking to the drivers unless you’re looking for a confrontation with some mouth-breather with a baseball bat.
During election season of course there is no reasoning with anyone, so earplugs are the only defense.

Move to a guarded residence in the mountains … they are not allowed in :laughing:

I’ve never actually heard of one of those. You know you’re out of touch when…

What does it do exactly? What can it do?