Anti-war Activist Arrested

Apparently a 911 Truth activist was arrested at the White House. Here’s the video … r_embedded
Do you think he was arrested because he’s too fat or just too stupid.

[quote=“ScottSommers”]Apparently a 911 Truth activist was arrested at the White House. Here’s the video … r_embedded
Do you think he was arrested because he’s too fat or just too stupid.[/quote]
Its an either-or? Damn! Which to choose? Its America, though. So it must be (b), as he’s positively sylph-like – in American terms, at least!
Still though, if you look at the comments (the ones that are actually comprehensible) you’ll see that the whole of Idaho supports him. That HAS to be good, right? :laughing:

I just meant he must be too stupid because in American terms he’s far from fat. Even though he’s a hugely fat blooter. I only had choice a) or b) to choose from.
Flippant is good, though. You should be thankful. Its a hell of a lot more than this crazy topic deserves. Plus, it keeps the nonsense moving, thereby saving you the trouble of coming back here every two weeks to post more drivel in order to stop the thread from sinking into the mire where it belongs. :laughing:

Obviously a set up.

Yup. A dastardly conspiracy to make the GREAT AMERICAN GOVERNMENT look bad. Its a conspiracy! We need an independent fact-based investigation into this obviously faked arrest! Ima go start a WENSITE!!! With PICTURES!!! That have wee red ARROWS drawn on them!!!

Its true the guy in the video, Jon Gold, supports a new investigation into 9/11. He even authored ‘50 facts that contradict the official 9/11 story.’ His arrest at an anti-war demonstration and his personal beliefs about the 9/11 attacks were merged with insult to make some point. Since I don’t know of this guy Jon Gold spitting insults at opponents, nor ever claiming lifelong research talent, only a sincere desire for positive change in America… I thought it makes sense to highlight the obvious irony.

I said before I may not agree with all of Jon Gold’s views, but he’s being called “stupid” because… (a) he doesn’t resort to [url= after insult[/url]… or (b) because his self-professed research skills contradict his own rabid views? Neither. There must be some other reason for calling him stupid. Maybe because © he isn’t afraid to discuss facts that contradict false presumptions.

[quote]Maybe because © he isn’t afraid to discuss [strike]facts[/strike] nutty knobhead conspiracy theories that contradict false presumptions.
There. All nice and fixed. You’re very welcome.

As far as I know the nuttiest theory he’s advanced is the notion that many facts contradicting the official story have yet to be formally investigated. What’s ‘stupid’ in that?

Fixed. Again. :laughing:

I’m sure he’s written a lot of things. I simply linked one compilation of information as an example. And to be fair, I wouldn’t call everything he includes there as “facts that contradict the official story”. There is a lot of information compiled that does exactly contradict the presumptions sold. Many other issues presented only seriously undermine the unproven claims published in the 9/11 Commission Report.

So really, does hoping, even advancing the argument that Americans deserve a fact-based investigation make him ‘stupid’? I wouldn’t say it has anything to do with intelligence, just as acceptance of the official story and its authors includes all levels of intellect - across many borders.

Sandman, stop worrying about 911. The real problem is the Titanic. I think we need a new investigation…and you will too after you this… … ionist.htm … /2563/P20/

There’s even a video that PROVES an iceberg could never have suck the Titanic - or any other ship, for that matter - but I’ll have to post this one later.

And there’s a Wiki page on all this, so it MUST be true!! … e_theories

Well that’s just silliness. Nearly everyone knows that the Titanic never sank but is in fact in drydock in Cleethorpes, where its used as a bingo hall.
Come to think of it, there aren’t ANY bingo halls named 9-11… Hmmm. Food for thought, indeed!

I think it’s important to get all the major facts out in the open. The Titanic cover-up has been going on for so long, the only way we can clear it is with an official investigation. Titanic Truth - that’s what I’m about. The unfair stigma its attached to icebergs is just ridiculous. Icebergs are our friends.

You just wait, Mr Sommers. The black helicopters are on their way.

Jim, are you making fun of me? Don’t you know that Titanic Truth is the most divisive issue in America? It tears at the very fabric of the nation, dividing familes, friends and colleagues. Thousands march in the streets calling for a new investigation in to why the Titanic sunk. Scientists and engineers everywhere agree there’s no reason to believe the Titanic should have sunk.

If you can’t take this seriously, you’re not invited back to my post!

You forgot “red-blooded patriots.” I think you’re one of THEM!

You’re darn tootin’ right I’m an Canadian patriot. That’s why every ounce of me calls for justice for the Titanic. I’m ashamed that my people - the Commonwealth people - could be involved in such a thing. The Titanic was the greatest ocean going vessel of its time. Who can imagine that a meer iceberg could bring it down? It was designed to be unsinkable. An unsinkable vessel has never been sunk before.

But Sandman, I recommend you have a look at some of the vidence before you go making fun of those brave British patriots risking death by bringing up the truth behind the Titanic sinking.

I think I’m going to form a group of patriots concerned with Titanic Truth. We will put vidoes up on the internet and call people names if they disagree with us. Better be careful though. Crazy people might like the idea and join our group.

Sure, the Titanic myth is important. But it’s better to talk in private so that we don’t allow the CIA to infiltrate us. :no-no:

And another cause for concern: … dence.html

Hmm, interesting mistake there Mister Sommers. Very interesting indeed.
In fact, your little error has unmasked you as an IMPOSTER!
You are obviously an American pretending to be a Canadian. You’re used to writing “an American” but when you switched nationalities you forgot to change ‘an’ to ‘a’.

Guards, bring the eel!

A FACT-BASED INVESTIGATION! Is that TOO much to ask? :fume:
If Willie Nelson could take his face outta his bong for just a damn second, he’d be WITH us on this, I just KNOW it!