Anti War Protests in Taiwan?

Does anyone know of any anti-War protests coming up this month to mark the second anniversary of the US’s illegal invasion of Iraq … in Taiwan?

What if they gave an anti-war protest and nobody came?

How about an anti-war protest against the German and French governments efforts to sell weapons to China?

“illegal” occupation of Iraq? Um, the Iraqis just had an election and that group has just determined that they want the Americans to stay.

And if the US invasion of Iraq is “illegal” what about the tacit approval the UN gave the US and UK to bomb Serbia over Kosovo with Kofi Annan saying that sometimes “certain nations had to enforce UN resolutions?”

The Russians and Chinese did not give their approval to any efforts in Kosovo or against Serbia.

Yeap, I agree with that. “Best” of all, France is pushing against a “transparency” proposal from other european countries and wants to sell without reporting what they sell and for how much… :loco:

Now you have a real nice day…ya’ hear?

Yes I thought that would provoke such reaction … but I guess the answer to the question is “no, there aren’t”.

And as for the “rooting for our side” comment, why would I want to side with the biggest perpetrator of terrorism in the world? Or do you still believe that the USA is the greatest country in the history of the world y’all?

So many wars so limited a focus. Would you expect to get many Afghans, Iraqis or Lebanese to support your demonstration? What about Iranians?

What would the purpose of such a protest be? To return Saddam Hussein to power?

Anyway, please do organize one. I for one would love the spectacle that such a ridiculous effort would offer. Think of it, newspapers everywhere covering your little group of anti-war activists and all this after the historic elections in Iraq and Afghanistan and the democratic stirrings throughout the Middle East. Nothing would satirize the leftist position greater than such an effort. I strongly encourage you to do so. Please do march.

The bus ticket to the park NT$15
The Birkenstock sandals: NT$3,500
The doufu and brown rice lunch box: NT$50

The derision and laughter that will erupt from everyone watching:


By all means, you sit in front of your computer and laugh.

Slim9 is a “John Kerry” wannabe :smiling_imp:

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[quote=“Chewycorns”]Slim9 is a “John Kerry” wannabe :smiling_imp:

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Is that from the Carl Rove Book of Debate? Go straight to the personal attacks. Don’t waste time on substantive argument?


Sorry, I was being mean. Please, let me know how I can help organize your peace protest. Please please please let me help. I would love to see this activity take place. It would be something that I would love to encourage all peoples of leftist persuasions to support. Please please please. I would give anything to see this happen.

Right…now for something completely different!

i’d be interested in hearing who YOU think is the greatest country in the history of the world. :slight_smile:

If I’m a country, and I want to invade another one, how would I do it legally? I’m just curious. Just in case, you know. :astonished:

This is my luck…I miss one morning monitoring the monitor, just ONE! And I miss this thread.

CURSES!! :fume: :fume: :fume:

Um, isn’t it a bit after the horse has bolted to hold an anti-war protest opposing a war that’s pretty much been and gone?

There’s a big protest on Sunday to protest China’s anti-secession law, which lays the legal groundwork for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan should Taiwan declare independence.
You could always wear your Birkenstocks to that, Slim.
Oh, wait, that’s no good to you, is it? Being as it would be a “legal” invasion and being as how the commies are the “good guys,” right?

Now you have a real nice day…ya’ hear?[/quote]

OK, TC, if it’s posters you want, it’s posters you’ll get…

There is a standard international law laid out by that oh-so-troublesome world body the UN that stipulates that you can only “legally” attack another country if you are under direct attack from them (i.e. in self-defense) or if the UN security council agrees that action should be taken.

In the event of the first Iraq war, the US approached the UNSC and gained approval. This time they didn’t even bother submitting, actually for good reason - France and Russia would have vetoed because they had the most to lose. The French and Russian oil companies (in particular Fina) had won the largest contracts to drill the oil fields so had too much money to lose.

I did also recently come across a document that was written by the Bush administration detailing their plans to invade Iraq regardless of whether Saddam was in power. The most amazing thing about this document was that it was written before he came to power. I would be happy to post the link if anyone is interested.