Antonio Graceffo on round island bike trip (sightings?)

anybody know this dude? he seems like cool dude, just what this crazy island in the middle of nowhere needs. someone to shake things up.

according to his website, he is on a round the island bike trip right now, and also plans to paddle around the island in a kayak. i assume he is a teacher here. is he on board at anybody know him or seen him peddling around the island. I guess he started a few days ago…

Some net site also said this:

“Around Formosa by Bicycle”
On the road again!

American adventurer and writer Antonio Graceffo is off on another journey. This time, he will be riding his bicycle around the Island of Formosa, approximately 1,500 km, and writing a series of articles and a book about the three week long expedition. “I hope to capture the beauty and excitement of the island, in both photos and print. But also, I hope to write a separate piece about Taiwan as an adventure destination. We have mountains, oceans, rivers…everything you would ever want.” Antonio will be leaving Kaohsiung on September 7th. He will be following the coastline, but will also make some detours into the mountains, and plans to stop off in Taipei to do some ocean kayaking, to prepare for a bigger adventure in February.

his hometown paper says:
[Scott Antonio Graceffo, 34, has made great strides since the days he attended Sullivan Central High School. Formerly of Elizabethton, Graceffo attended East Tennessee State University before transferring to Middle Tennessee State, where he received a bachelor’s degree in English, with minors in German and Spanish.
Graceffo taught English and speed reading at Happy Valley High School in the Upward Bound program before leaving the area to join the Merchant Marines.
After his tour in Europe, he said, “I wound up in Elizabethton and just sort of adopted it as my hometown because I felt like I really didn’t have one.”
He has spent the last five years working on Wall Street as the head of the investment division for the Israeli Bank in New York. A published author, Graceffo had taken off from work the week before the attack on the World Trade Center to write another book. Since the attack, he said, he has decided not to return to the financial district.
“There’s nothing to go back to now,” he said. Instead, he will be leaving for Taiwan on Oct. 22 for a teaching job which will allow him to continue writing in his spare time.]

We worked with Antonio in Doulio near Chayi.
Funny guy, was into Judo. Taught the elementary kids Judo afterschool. Only worked with him for 2 weeks, very funny and cocky guy. Cant think of any stories specifically.

wow, small world. as he tours the island on his pedal power machine, give him some guanxi. he made need it.

This is the part I want to see.

I got an e-mail from him today. He is currently in Taidong.

ah, so he is taking the eastern route. he says on his website he is going to write article and a book. does that mean he has an assignment to write these things, or is it just his pipedream? Alot of people "“i’m writing a book” when in fact, there is a big difference between actually writing a book with a publishing contract or DIY self publishing project in mind and signed, and just SAYING i am writing a book and some articles. is this guy for real?

In feb. he plans he says to kayak around the island. he calls himself and adventurer and explorer. isnt this a bit uppity for someone who has not proven himself yet to be either. Good luck to him of course, and may all his dreams come true, but i worry that he might be going the “gone missing” route of our dear friend Fred Frontier, RIP, and hope that who ever knows him keeps him honest.

It’s easy to get carried away in this country. Carried away by bears, snakes, the cops, the mafia, cliffs, traffic, hearses, whatever…

somebody, please, take CARE of this guy. in a good way i mean. what is he out to prove?

i mean, he say “american adventurer” on his website. An adventurer in my book is someone who climbs EVerest, sails a dingy across the Pacific, sled dogs to North pole, not bike around taiwan. Jeez, what i mean: is this guy realistic or is he a dreamer with a huge ego that will collapse when he finds out he is not so BIGGER Than Life…?

Formosa: can you please post his website? I want to know what is soooooo profound about what he says, or what it is he is doing? You seem deeply touched!

Lots of people have gone around Taiwan on bicycles writing stories and books. I mean LOTS. I know personally know three or four who have done it. Going around on a kayak would be more original but I guess highly dangerous, probably impossible in this season. Highly likely to be fatal during typhoon season (super typhoon is off the east coast right now).

And we need another book about a foreigner living in Taiwan…

Head of investment division( if he was head of the investment division he wouldn’t need to teach in Taiwan I guarantee that)

He can’t go back to work cos thousands got laid off, read laid off. Nothing wrong with saying that.

I don’t know the guy but that write-up sounds a bit much, like he’s still working for an investment bank really!!

Were any of the books published? If so, could you let me know the names of some of them and where to buy them? I’d like to read about those trips. The only one I’ve seen is Formosan Odyssey, but the lazy ass writer of that book only cycled a small part of the island and there was absolulely no ocean kayaking involved.

Bets this guy NEVER publishes his so-called book and NEVER write any published articles? What are the odds? [Then again, maybe he will write up his adventures on a personal homepage, and that’s cool, too. Words are words, wherever they appear… good luck, Lance Armstrong of Taiwan!]

I just got another e-mail from Antonio and he is now in Hualian. Keep an eye on Taiwan Ho and you might find some more news about Antonio’s adventure.

I just found this article about Antonio cycling in Xinjiang. Check ou the picture of the bike he rode!!!

:arrow_right: Taklamakan Desert by Rickshaw