Ants but not in my Pants -- inside car

Parked A car under some banyan trees for a couple of weeks while out of town. It was covered in everything that could possibly fall out of a tree. Now >ants<.

How do you get ants out of a car and don’t want to spray bug killer inside?

start a trail of sugar crackers or honey or something, and slowly lead it from inside the car to the car door; then build a ladder of leaves or sticks from the car door to the ground and keep placing food away from the car to as far away as possible; make sure to videotape for our amusement


Get yerself an anteater…

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You are my hero.

Move the car regularly. That way they loose any patrols they have out, and they get into unpredictable geopolitical conflicts with other nests in the territories you park in. Eventually I think they get tired of the casualties and societal stress and they…er…bug out.

Unless they are Fire Ants. You don’t get to piss about with those fuckers. You have to set fire to the car.


This will probably not work. Ants nests have “spheres of influence”. If you provide food, the sphere of influence may enlarge, but as you move the food it will eventually pass into another nests sphere of influence and “ÿour” ants will lose access to it.

Its possible you might engineer a “border war” and if “your” ants lose it they may be invaded and wiped out, but if your car is an attractive location the invaders may move in.

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What are they eating? They can’t survive without food. Just cut off their access to the food source.

Where is the videotape?

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Possibly in a museum collection of obsolete technology? Betamax, I hope.

Final report on ants in car. Stopping parking car under trees. Sprayed door seals with bug spray. Removed any potential food sources.

The ants moved on.

maybe they were able to move that rubber tree plant