Any 7" screens or greater 3G/4G smartphones/tablets with dual SIM card slots built by Taiwan firms?


Looking to buy a 7" screen or bigger (so I don’t go blind) 3G/4G smartphone that has dual SIM card slots that is built by a Taiwanese firm. Have looked at pchome and other websites, but hard to see if some of those small firms (UB, 白光炫麗, etc.) are Taiwan firms or Chinese firms. I realize that most Taiwan firms will have their smartphones assembled in China, but would rather not have a China-firm smartphone (like Huawei, which used to be, or still is, associated with China’s military). Also will not look at Samsung or LG given the recent smartphone fires.
Price not too much an issue, as they seem to be all cheaper than Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

Any ideas? Thanks much!


FYI something with a 7" or bigger would be marketed as a tablet, not a phone. They’ll still take sim cards, and you’ll be able to call people etc, but they’ll definitely be called tablets.


My old Asus 7" is called Fonepad. So, yes, a bit of semantics here. Still looking for 7" screens or greater 3G/4G dual SIM card slot phone/pad, etc.


Your “fonepad” is just the model name.

Take notice to the web address when you click the below link

Samsung and Asus are the go to for Android tablets. I would stick to those brands.


Yes, know about Asus. I like my Fonepad 7, but very old.
Don’t want the Samsung, as stated in original post.
What about others (not Asus, Samsung, or LG) with 7" screen or greater and 3G/4G dual SIM card slots that are Taiwanese brands (even lesser-known names)?

Appreciate these replies.


Ah, apologies, haven’t finished my morning coffee and skimmed through your OP.

No non major local brands come to mind except Asus and Acer. If you like your Fonepad so much, why not just upgrade to the newest model?

Sorry if I was unhelpful, hope you can find something.


ASUS actually is rolling out new Zenpad tablets every years.

Here are two fairly new ones:

ASUS ZenPad 8.0 Z380KNL

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 Z500KL

The issue with these two is that I am not sure if they are dual sim.

there is a tablet that fit your description though:

Acer Iconia Talk S A1-734

7" dual sim. If you don’t mind the Acer brand and the MediaTek CPU, then it’s what you were asking for.


Thanks for that Acer!
Missed that brand completely.
One of my best notebooks years ago was an Acer. Not 1 single problem with it. So, for me Acer brand is rather good.