Any actuaries online?

Being an actuary is one of the many ideas I have for future employment. Is there anyone here that has (or has tried) to follow this career path. I like math and big paychecks, are there any other requirements?

It was my mother that originally told me (last year) I’d be a good actuary. Don’t feel bad about not knowing what it is, because I had no idea at the time.

Please add any related info.


only other requirements I can think of are liking to work in a cubicle and making jokes about having a worse social life than a CPA!!

Seriously - I had the same aspirations. Math and bling-bling! I studied statistics for 3 years at my university and then had an actuarial internship (a paid internship even) going into my senior year. I even took the first exam. After about 6 months of that I changed my major with less than a year left and studied 3 more years of cultural/linguistic anthropology. I wouldn’t change anything though. A solid understanding of statistics comes in handy more often (and in more fields) than you’d think. Still considering finishing up that BS in stats but I think it would just be a springboard to grad school.

Good luck if you go that route - I certainly don’t want to talk others out of it!