Any advice for Green Island snorkeling guide/rental?

My understanding of joining a group snorkeling outing on Green Island is that you’re forced to get towed along in life jacket, no fins, no swimming etc. I was hoping i might be able to pay more to find someone who would take me, an experienced swimmer who doesn’t want to be stuck in a daisy chain, and my wife, who is still scared of swimming in the ocean and would be happy to be towed around in a life vest.

Tried asking our hotel, and they had no suggestion. Tried calling a couple dive shops, and they had no idea either. Anyone know of “a guy” or shop that might be open to doing something outside the box?

Why can’t you just buy / rent your own gear and tow your wife? A guide isn’t really necessary if you know how to swim.

That’s not a phrase one hears often…

I went to Green Island in February. There are several places in the island prepared for snorkeling. Meaning, you can walk easily into the water. I recommend the underwater postbox spot. No currents there. Just in front of the spot there is a diving center. People are nice, I think they would rent you the equipment. I bought mine in Decathlon though.