Any advice on running shoes?


Hi, I want to start running as a exercising. Currently im using Nike lunarlions but but they are not as comfy as i hoped. Do you have recommendations?


Asics or Mizuno. Can’t go wrong if you’re into running a lot, imho.
Japanese quality and favorite of Taiwanese track athletes.
Many stores carry various models.


Give Asics or Mizuno a try.
I used to run track and cross country in high school and only wore Asics, but hear Mizuno isn’t half bad.


Look at how your foot lands when it hits the ground.

It will either be neutral, supination or pronation…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.11.436…0i67k1.0.GXlnwmyCCEY#imgrc=yjnUxtNK4qYuEM:

Then buy a running shoe that suites the way you run.


Keep this in mind when shopping.

I would suggest going to the Mizuno or Asics store to have them check, those chain stores at night markets or shopping areas may not have the expertise as the official brand stores.


Check the wear on your shoes and you should be able to tell


I stopped running because of pain in my knees. I then started running again a few years ago with no knee issues. I highly recommend placing your first priority on good running form, by which I mean a midfoot strike and a high cadence (which will translate into small steps). There are other things but it seems they all relate to these two fundamentals. You can find much information on YouTube and on the Internet.

To achieve the midfoot strike, I went with very minimalist shoes that allowed me to feel the ground. I’m not sure if that’s the best way to achieve this but it worked for me.

There are all kinds of shoes available and it can be confusing- maximalist shoes like Hokas, Newtons which promote a midfoot strike, and the more traditional shoes like Asics. I personally think this is all secondary to good form so I won’t even comment on my preferred shoe.


I have a couple pairs of Hoka One One and a couple Salomon’s. They work for me but might not for you. Try to find a pro shop or larger brand shop that can properly access your needs. Often the sales people have no knowledge in what they sell.

You might try the store馬拉松世界. I’ve had good service there.


I’m using the Nike Air Zoom Pegaus 34.

I don’t think you can go wrong with them. Yes, they’re the jack of all trades, master of none, there are better specialized options, bla bla, but they do work great for me. I’ve been using this model for a long time and I have no reason to switch. I haven’t been injured a single time (although I would not use them for trail running, they’re not that well cushioned), they’re comfortable, they’re light and they look decent I guess.