Any American radiologists here?

Thinking about working as a teleradiologist in Taiwan. I’ll work the night shifts in the US and take advantage of the time difference. I hold Taiwanese citizenship also. Anyone here a radiologist?

Best of luck with the telerad. I am curious how you will do.

My dad was a neurorad and my brother is an interventional neurorad in the Philippines. We looked at Telerad companies in the past, after Nighthawk first created the industry years (decades?) ago.

One of the challenges they had was reconciling the difference in “quality” reads. Telerad (at least back then) was focused on preliminary reading. Since it is daytime here when it is the overnight shift North America, Telerad companies focused on scans done for the ER. Since time is critical, the clients only needed 20 or so scans (“prelims”) which could be later validated by a full scan afterwards, i.e., after decisions could be made at the ER and the regular rads come in during the day.

Since my family ran an imaging center in a major hospital, their studies tyically ran into the hundreds of scans per patient. Simply not the same thing. We did set up telerad within the Philippines, supporting hospitals around the country - but this wasn’t done in a big way.

I would like to see how you progress here in Taiwan. It will depend on the kind of imaging you will be receiving from the client side. You will also need to decide how you will be paid – and review topics here about offshore taxes.

The cost of living here is much higher than in the Philippines and India, where a lot of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has taken root and flourished. So, unless you already have a telerad arrangement in place before coming out here, it might be a tough market to compete in. I once looked at a telerad concept where Taiwan rads would read images from hospitals in China. I do not think that was a prelim kind of service, and instead was about providing quality reads for the smaller/mid-tier health providers there. This was a long time ago, and I expect much has progressed in terms of number of rads in China.


Lol yeah obviously i would find a job before settling in Taiwan. I know of several American radiologists who work in Israel and Japan. Just wondering if anyone here does it from Taiwan.

The problem is that overseas radiologists can only do prelim reads on medicare or medicaid patients, so the only thing left where final reads can be done are private insurance patients. That could be a problem for some places.

About 10 years ago, we were approached about joining ZapRad, which was a network for radiologists where hospital clients could upload their scans for a theoretically quick response. Many hospitals and rads in Asia signed up. The problem was everyone was eager to read, but too few clients could be signed up. By creating a market that encouraged undercutting prices, clients got spooked that they were not necessarily getting reliable reads.

This is for the US though. Only US trained radiologists can read for US hospitals. Kinda creates barrier to entry.

Actually, any American doctors here? With the rise of telemedicine, working remotely isn’t limited to radiologists. Primary care docs can do it also