Any apps for the Unified Receipt Numbers Yet?

Hi Forumosa friends, you may be interested in this:

Never Miss a “fapiao” lottery Prize! Wang Wang Lotto Buddy™ is a free of charge smartphone App bringing all past Taiwan Government Uniform Invoice (GUI) lottery results to your pocket. It features a smart barcode reader and notifications that remind you of drawing dates, in Chinese and English!

不再錯過統一發票中獎機會! 汪汪發票小幫手™是一個免費應用軟體,可快速查詢統一發票中獎號碼。完整又簡易的功能:可透過查看當期中獎號碼、末三碼輸入及條碼掃描進行對獎,還有開獎自動通知!

Now that the big store have the receipt numbers printed in barcode and QR Code, are there any apps that can handle them? I can read the receipt numbers using the code readers that I have, but I can’t do anything further. Logically, we should be able to store it in a database app and call up the winning numbers.

Something must exist to use them… otherwise… why print them in that format.

I am using this app: … v.einvoice on Android.
Unfortunately it keeps closing when scanning a QR-Code.
When hiding the QR-Code and only scan the barcode it’s fine

I use that Wang Wang app on my iPhone (see first post in thread). It scans barcodes and all that jazz. I think it must be broken though… I didn’t win anything this round :wink: