Any Aussies keen for a kick in hsinchu?

I’ve come over here to spend more time with my Partner in hopes to know if we are good for each other in the long run :ponder: now that crappy intro is out of the way, who’s up for some Aussie rules footy?

Thank fuck i brought along my footy cause I’m getting pretty bored after a month or so here!!! Nothing to full on…but if there is any Aussie’s in hsinchu who enjoy a kick of the Sherrin, followed by a beer. drop me a line!

AFL! I miss watching footy when I lived in Mel. It’d be awesome to see Aussie play footy here.

I wonder if there would be enough people to meet up once or twice a month to have a game. I do miss playing it.

Yeah i’d be keen for a little scratchy. Need more numbers!! C’mon Taiwan.

mate if you fancy a bit of Gaelic there’ll be some on in Taipei of a Saturday later in the year.

Leaving in April :bow: it’s ashame cause i have a lethal foot :sunglasses: