Any baseball pitchers looking for a team to play for in Taipei?

My team needs pitchers for this coming season. We play in a amateur league with stats and records and playoffs. We struggled last year because we didn’t have any consistent pitchers and would give up almost 1-2 runs every inning. The team and league are all locals with a few Japanese or Koreans. But we don’t care if you’re not a native taiwanese. You won’t just pitch of course, but I really need a guy that can pitch. A plus if you can play 3rd or a extremely good outfielder. We have a consistent catcher, 2nd base is filled, a couple SSs and I’m playing 1st now. Outfield is open to anyone that can play.

Let me know if you want to play some ball. This is a fast pitch league, we play hard and the only rule we have is no stealing from 1st to 2nd unless it’s a wild pitch, catcher error or he drops it, or the ball just hits the dirt.

Hang on. Baseball or fast-pitch softball?

Baseball. We play baseball.

Good. You threw me with “this is a fast pitch league.” Baseball is a helluva lot of fun to play, way more fun playing than watching. If I were a 25 years younger I’d look you up. Best of luck!

We got sweet jerseys


I think some leagues just toss the ball over the plate.

Hey there. I know it is late (at least been awhile since the post) but are you still looking for pitchers and/or players?

I am older but I can still bring it. I played amateur baseball for 20 years in the US. Outfield, catcher, and pitcher.

I also know of a friend who is an infielder/outfielder.

Let me know.

Hey sorry, I’m no longer in Taiwan.