Any beekeeper here?


I have started to move heaven and earth to bring people together to save bees…
April 29 or 30th on my farm… for a whole day… presentation, introduction about bees, woodworking training, making a beehive, spiritual training, … more to come… 6 hours of training… the goal is to make everyone ready to start a beehive… to start… doesn’t mean to succeed… needs more research and failure transparency…


Awesome! Please let me know how it goes. Good luck with it!


I am now in touch with Facebook /, and we started preparing a workshop about beginning a beehive anywhere, in downtown and/or in countryside. The idea is that, among a few talks and discussions, everyone will follow him set up my beehive. So you can learn and reproduce at home… April 30th… welcome to join the organisation… and/or the workshop… east of Taichung.


@keroliver I am interested in the April 30th workshop near Taichung. Could you share more details: location with goole map pin, start and end time and cost. Thank you.


Date moved from 4/30 to 5/15
Yes, I know… 5/15 is a Monday
It might not be possible for most people

I invited a teacher / beekeeper from Taipei
His task is to set up my beehive,
to share advice and answer questions

Everyone is welcome to join.
I was planning a small fee
for lunch and help cover the investment

coming soon…


Date moved -again, sorry about that- to 5/28

On the Sunday during the Dragon Boat Vacation

Same place, same teacher, same goal


Here we go!

Welcome to join our workshop about apiculture and how to create a beehive
on the 28th of May from 9 AM to 4:30 PM on my farm in Donghsi.
Address: 晉福田有機香料農莊 / 423台中市東勢區東坑路795巷2號
See some photos here:
Fee: 300 NT$ (lunch included)


Please fulfill this form if you want to join the workshop!


Huge success for this Apiculture Workshop !!

Perfect weather, comfortable location, excellent teacher…
A big and interested audience and … lovely bees…

Certainly more coming soon… on a more official form…
with the support of Taichung and Dongshi cities and farmers associations…