Any birthday specials to recommend?

Sometimes you can get birthday deals at different restaurants - on the day itself, or if it’s the same month. Does anyone know of any deals they can recommend?

The only one that comes immediately to mind is Mia Cucina: on the day of your birthday, you get a free dessert. (Nice but not a huge deal.)

Not that my birthday falls in June or anything …

The franchises like Chilis, TGIF, Outback, Hooters, etc. usually have some birthday freebie, and the staff will do some attention-getting song or chant for you.

You’ll also get a free dessert at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon in Bellavita, and a sizeable chocolate cake at Kitchen (though not much added value if you’re eating the buffet anyway).

Dozo also had something for birthdays, though I don’t remember what it was.

I’ve had birthday drinks / dinner at Chilis and TGIF before… if you ask them, they won’t do the whole embarrassing song-and-dance routine :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Mr. Onion in Zhongshan North Road Section 2 near corner of Jinzhou Street. Your order is free for a party of four. Need to bring ARC/Taiwan ID. Just not sure if the promo is all year round. We went there in June last year and February this year.

Wang Steak (王品)has birthday promotions that include discounts, a free cake, an instant photo and staff singing a birthday song. Whether you like Wang Steak is of course another issue.

Your entire order?

That branch has been closed for a while–in fact the whole building was recently demolished! While I’ve never eaten at Mr Onion, I have seen other branches up and running. No idea about birthday specials though…