Any celebrities here?

Curious if anyone here has “made it” as a celebrity in Taiwan? I.e. making a good living, have a decent agent, can pick and choose what they do. If that’s you, I’d love to hear your story, ask pertinent questions etc, (and of course if you’d rather not be chatting about details on a public forum, that’s completely understandable, but do please PM me…)

PM sent. I’m Madonna


Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “TV show”, I take it? :grin:

That’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.


I had a good friend in Taichung years ago who made it big, then married a TW celebrity. It did not end well, I’m told.

You’ve got to be truly awful to “make it” in Taiwan.

You’re just bitter


Nah. Long past my prime. And I’m not good at K-Pop.


Could you expand on that? :thinking:

Well, they only like shit music and shit TV.


I’ve got almost 200 followers on Instagram, there are several restaurants and bars where the staff know my order without me needing to say anything, and the guy in my local OK Mart remembers my name and the last three digits of my phone number. PM sent.


Generally agreed.

Looking at it as something to dabble in really. I’m American but grew up elsewhere, so I’m used to being stared at. :smile:

I’ve done bit parts in a few movies and it was a lot of fun, also a tiny bit of modeling, (not so much fun), and I’m regularly compared to several A-list celebs looks-wise.

Obviously none of the above is special and, as with so much of life, “making it” comes down to luck as much as anything near as I can tell. But once moved (in a year or two) I’ll have a fair bit of free time and won’t be starving so I can mix and mingle and try to maximize that luck.

But there’s always the downsides too. I’m not afraid of hard work, (though when you’re on your 15th take at 2am and it’s still 100 degrees out you do question wtf you’re doing), but e.g. after hearing about so many celebrities kowtowing to China, does there become a point where bad influences get involved and you have to choose between selling your soul and giving up what you’ve accomplished to that point? :unamused:

Or can that sort of thing be negotiated through diplomacy and keeping your wits about you? :wink:

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I have told you guys we are the local celebrities in our alleys. People watch our every move, they discuss whatever we do and think they know what foreigners as a whole think and act like because, well, that is common knowledge/what the news says.

So act like George Clooney not like, I dunno whatever unhinged starlet du jour.


Audrey Tang was on here.


As a technologist by trade… :star_struck:

I had a co-worker who resembled The Thing or, if sprayed green, The Hulk. He also spoke great Chinese. I was always encouraging him when a Fantastic Four or Hulk movie came out to get himself up to the cinema near Taipei City Hall in costume and become instantly famous. But he preferred to hang out in bars, picking up girls. What a damn waste.


Yeah, sounds tragic.


There’s got to be one of those WTO TV show regulars on here.

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He could have picked up girls even faster sprayed green. He didn’t disagree with this point; I think he just didn’t want to be sprayed green for some reason.

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Seems reasonable. My former supervisor in China asked me if I’d dress up as Santa for his kid one Christmas. Told him no chance and went for a trip to Beijing instead, partly to avoid the responsibility.

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