Any celebrities here?

That reminds me of one school where I worked where I would be ordered to go to the graduation ceremonies of elementary school kids I didn’t teach (or even know) because I was more photogenic (not hard) than their other foreign teachers.


This celebrity thread isn’t going well so far.


Sounds like a smart choice.

The guy with his book to flog and the tattoo of Taiwan on his head will be along imminently.


I’m waiting for Katy Devlin to come back.

I am Chewy, hear me roar


Oh god, let’s not summon him. Good point though - closest to a celebrity we’ve got so far…


No, but I’ve tutored a couple celebrities. No one would believe me so I’m not going to bother going into more detail.


I’d believe you.

A guy I work with tutored Jolin Tsai.


Wasn’t someone married to a friend/assistant to some aboriginal singer? Funk500??

Christopher Downs has been on the forum (夏克立) @KeLeeCheDoFu. One of the most recognizable foreigners on TV in Taiwan. Or at least was for many years.

I followed up on his story after seeing him in a restaurant a couple years ago. Seems after a divorce from his celebrity Taiwanese wife, the media did what they always do and tried to trash him. His wife is also not letting him see his daughter. Seems like a great guy and this very sad to see.



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I’m notorious!

I have also followed this, gutted for him.

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200 sorry my cat had over 3600 followers on Instagram

But he was outclassed by a chicken in Europe that had over 10k followers

Who was blown away by a scuba diving and surfing cat who apparently had close to a million followers

I’m so happy I can go everywhere and nobody knows me


But apparently it’s one and the other
You can’t be rich with out being famous (for the really $$$). I just wanna be rich and invisible

But actually 200 is not bad . A lot of people omly have their parents and parole officer following them

I have zero followers I don’t even follow myself

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Loads of people have made it in Taiwan. Proven with both wealth and fame.

Shit, scratch that. sorry. I took here as Taiwan, not as this forum. nevermind


@Josefus I think?

I’ve got the tabloid magazine somewhere showing him (or another one of us) sitting in a limo with his girl and also stroking her cheek whilst sitting outside at a coffee shop.

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I have a YouTube video with 28 thousand views. How’s that for famous?


I didn’t think I was famous, but I’ve had my name shouted/been recognized in multiple places recently. From YanMinShan to the outlets in Taoyuan. From Xindien to Xizhu.

Teacher BigDave, Teacher BigDave, why are you here?