Any celebrities here?

Thanks for the support my friends. Yes, it’s been hell. Worse for my daughter I’m sure. I hear she is just trying to live without thinking too much. Not much she can do. The courts refuse to help. That guy David from Italy that the courts finally said could have his daughter go to Italy in holidays after spending $$$ and years in court, well… The Taiwan courts in the end let her mom keep the daughter from going to Italy like had been decided. They just sides with him to make the media storm on alienation die down and when no one wants looking they kept her from going back. It’s disgusting. Hope it never happens to anyone else but… (many Taiwanese fathers, and foreigners in Taiwan, are alienated from their kids).
But I shouldn’t only scold Taiwan. Many fathers in Canada are having the same problem because family courts are too woke and things are not as fair as we all thought. A real nightmare.


fingers crossed for you man. there certainly are a lot of people here, mothers and fathers, being ripped from their children for pretty petty bullshit. It is absurdly common. Like you, I agree it happens in places like canada as well. real shame society doesnt put more emphasis on the children. literally the generation that will be paying (and paving) our way and taking care of our old.

Short sighted to try and remain polite.

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Lots of hidden support in this community for what you and other guys (and girls sometimes) have experienced in regards to these types of family/legal/personal matters in Taiwan.


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They backtracked on that?? What assholes. People should definitely try to get the story back in the media spotlight, or if they won’t bite then back in the public consciousness through social media campaigns.


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