Any Charlie Chan fans here?! I have the complete movie collection.

Any Charlie Chan Fans here. I have the complete movie collection. I’m looking to get more into the books and memorabilia. Especially Chinese language memorabilia.
As I look back, Charlie Chan played a small yet significant part in the reason that I ended up here.
Charlie Chan is number one…

This is going to end up political :popcorn:


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White wash of what?

Yeah, like who WAS the best Charlie Chan?

Before my time but know about the controversy(s).

I don’t know who Charlie Chan is. Trying to picture someone who is half Charlie Sheen, half Jackie Chan.


Yeah, pretty much…


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Warner Oland hands down. Needed very little makeup. He said that his family had a lot of Asian in him possible from the, who was it that conquered the continent. But he was a lush… Drank too much and disturbed the production.
I’d like to see a movie about the "real Charlie Chan " Chang Apana.

Now this guy… never carried a gun. He emptied the gambling and drug dens of Honolulu’s Chinatown armed with only a Bull Whip which he was not afraid to use. He was also a cowboy. He was illiterate but still worked his way up in the police department. His daughter read much of his correspondence much like Doctor Watson read the correspondence of Sherlock Homes.

I just discovered this. It will have to wait until after work. Looks good though…

The “real” charlie chan is bad ass. But I like the old one very much.
Woke idiots really cannot find anything truly wrong with him.

If you criticize the way he speaks English, the mistakes he makes saying Chinese people don’t speak that way.
They do. They do speak that way.
I’m suffering through comparatives and location terms right now.

Well, it looks like Charlie Chan has been resurrected into good graces like it always should have been. Please check out the original novels, books and adaptations.
Now it is up to me to find those people who woke canceled me about twelve years ago for liking a franchise which really did a lot to lift the perception of Asians in the states. And really it was not worse than stereotypical shit that we westerners faced while growing our families in Taiwan.
I hate when people cancel literature out of hand without accounting for the times. Anyway, if anyone has old time Taiwanese or American old time movie material please PM me and let’s be friends.

I found a secret library with tons of Charlie Chan comics. Happy camper now.
I also have the complete works of Charlie Chan in book form. Yay.