Any Cheap iPaqs in Taiwan

My iPaq just died. Since they are made here, does anyone know a place to get top of the line for cheap?

I’ve got one. It’s the IPAQ 3745 the top of the line in the 3700 series. It’s the one with built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, and digital camera. Just bought it, but need cash so need to sell it. It’s in perfect condition and comes with a rubber skin protective case. The one I have is an English version model, which are hard to find in Taiwan. It comes with a 1 year warranty. Brand new they go for $16500NT. Will let it go for much less. PM if you are interested.

Are you sure you got that model number right? I had a 3870 a few years ago and the 3700 series was older than that. I just did a google and couldn’t find anything recent on that model also…appreciate it if you can check and post a link.

I mistyped the model number. It’s the RX3715. Here is a link to someone selling one on Yahoo Bid. … iew=search

Here is another link to the PDA I have. I bought my mine during Christmas so it’s less than 2 months old. … catLevel=3

cheers thanks for the link. I would be interested in upgrading from my HP 5550 but the main difference is the dig camera and I’m keen on having also getting onboard GSM.

Nice machine tho.