Any China Hands Attend This Speech?

Any Foreign China Hands attend this speech? Looked pretty interesting. … /03/200677

I’ve read Gordon Chang’s book, but not Ohmae’s. Mr. Chang writes very much like your normal Chinese author, read the first 20% and you know the rest of the book. I’m sure someone out there is writing what is really going to happen, but it’s not as exciting or as easy to sell as China’s collapse or Greater Chinese federation(I actually snicker when I look at that term).

I believe Taiwan has nothing to gain by joining China. I really can’t see any real material/economic gains by doing so, though I can see a lot of freedoms removed slowly, deliberately, and systematically in much the same way they are being removed in Hong Kong.

I see a lot of choices for China. The one that disturbs me the most is the nationalising of private assets. Think about all that technology and knowledge being transferred to China, and then think about them nationalising it. We’re talking billions of dollars of material, possibly reaching a trillion US dollars worth befor ethey just decide to nationalise it. Think how that would affect the world economy. There are still a lot of Maoist in China. I can easily see this scenario possiblied played out.