Any decent Indian/Pakistani Restaurants around Kaohsiung?

As the title says. I want something good when I come into town tomorrow and in the future.

There are so many options in Taipei but it seems that KS doesn’t have many?

Here is a link to an Indian restaurant chain, [阿三印度料理], with 2 locations in Kaohsiung.

The site is in English and Chinese.
They have their menu on the site with directions to both restaurants.

Here is a link to a blog entry, written in Mandarin, but with pictures of the restaurant.

I’ve eaten at both restaurants- they’re not bad. :sunglasses:

[quote=“kungwan2000”]Here is a link to an Indian restaurant chain, [阿三印度料理], with 2 locations in Kaohsiung.
The site is in English and Chinese[/quote]
Also ate there & enjoyed the food, but always hate paying extra for rice & naan. Good chai though, and just about every other customer in the place was actually Indian (or S. Asian variation thereof), so that says something…
…It might just mean that there are no other Indian restaurants in the area, but actually the food was pretty good.

Has anyone tried this restaurant yet? Or heard about it? From the photos it looks promising. Professional chefs.

Maharaja / 瑪哈印度餐廳
392 Mingcheng 2nd Road

Their own webpage, I suppose:!RGn0BYCfE … uE0810w–/

Someone’s blog / review:

Any current updates? All the information is very old?

No. 86號, Linquan Street, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, 802
07 726 6803

I go here every week , very nice food.


Great place and boss, I go maybe one or twice a month. I had lunch wrap and lassi, and great Carrot cake nearby today also great prices lunch under NT$150.


When I lived in Kaohsiung it was my go to Indian food place.

The sad truth is that Taipei is far superior to Kaohsiung when it comes to Indian food. I can’t remember if I tried ‘Lahore’, but I’ll give it another shot (my feeling is maybe I did once and I wasn’t blown away).

There is a hole-in-the-wall place run by a super nice Pakistani guy who has been here for 30+ years. The one time I went there (it’s out of the way for me and they don’t deliver) I remember it was decent, but the menu is limited. I’m 90% sure this is the place.

I’m always on the search for carrot cake, which is hard to find here. Do you remember the name of the place?

Nice carrot cake 紅蘿蔔蛋糕 - Cuisine / Kaohsiung & Southern Taiwan Restaurants - Forumosa

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Thanks. By the way, for anyone visiting Taoyuan and in the mood for carrot cake, the only place I know of that sometimes has it (as well as apple pie, brownies, etc.) is Café de M&L李 in Nankan.

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Maharaja is good.


The only one I’ve been to is Rawat, and I was disappointed. The food had a Taiwanese flavor to it (Five Spice, maybe?) that wasn’t necessarily bad, but definitely didn’t taste like Indian food, and was therefore not what I expected or wanted.


I’ve resorted to cooking it myself to get the beef vindaloo spice and flavour I’m used to. But when I cant be bothered I go to Dennis Indian Restaurant. Though looks closed until February.


its cheaper than one I ate ($125)

Maybe you can open a cafe and cook !

Will they re open??

Quoted from a reply on their facebook from 3 days ago:

Hello we are expected to open on Friday, 2/12
If otherwise will notify you if earlier or later, thank you

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I’d think an Indian/Pakistani Restaurant might involve some hand to hand combat and small arms fire comin from the kitchen.