Any decent overnight bus tours to Taroko?

I got some folks coming in Sept, and I’m not going to be able to take work off for the entire time they’re here, so I was kind of looking for stuff that they can do without me or my wife.
I’m pretty good for stuff in and around Taipei, but I was wondering if maybe there was a well-run overnight bus tour to Taroko they could take, preferably with a semblance of English.
It would kill off a couple days when I’m not able to hang out with them.
Seems like this would be a bit of a no-brainer, even for Taiwan’s tourist admin.
Anyone heard of anything like this, or know where I could look? … 778-30711A

these guys got a fly there and come back by train same day tour.

but taroko is really easy to do for anyone. Cant take a bus at nite they dont run that road at nite to my knowledge. But trains travel at all hours.

You really dont even need a tour bus there.

What I would do.

  1. day one: take a morning train (taroko express gets there in 2 and a half hours) to Hualian , get a hotel and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. There are hotels of all sorts of budgets there.
  2. day two : take a public bus from Hualian to Tienshiang deep in the gorge. And bus back to hualian and a train back to Taipei.

there are also many local tour operators who do a day trip from Hualian to the gorge for most of the day. Your hualian hotel should be able to hook you up on one of these.

I used to sometimes fly to hualian and take the local bus to tienshiang, walk around and do the reverse and be back in Taipei by evening.

Dear Chieftan, there are taxi drivers hanging around Hualien Train Station who could do a day tour stopping off at the various places of interest in the gorge for 1-2,000 NT. When exiting the station your peeps can take a breather and wait for a driver with some English ability to organise a schedule. If that doesn’t work out they can ask the hotel staff to help them. (Delegation, you know it makes sense!) Thus they could take the train down at a leisurely hour, stay the night somewhere in town, and go up the gorge the next day ending up back at the train station and back on the next train to Taipei. If they are doing this on a weekday even better.