Any demand for business english in Taipei/other cities?

I have been considering taiwan and japan…and the one thing japan has for me is a demand for business english. Being a MBA grad who wants to take 1-2 yrs off, I figure I should utilize what knowledge I have of business and apply it in business english teaching.

Now I assume if I go to taiwan, I will still teach kids in the morning, but I am speaking more for privates/part time gig. I want to maximize my $$ potential while there…do you think my MBA degree can help at all in this area/? I still will probably choose taiwan…but still curious.


Yes, there’s a demand, but it is often only a perceived demand - even by the students themselves. Often, students will think: “Hmmm, I want to improve my English, I’m a business person, therefore I must want to study business English.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve arranged an elaborate curriculum, tailored exactly to meet the client’s explicit demands demands, only to find out that what they really want (but didn’t say) is a break from their work-day, some useful daily English, and a chance to practice with a native speaker. Of course there are some students that really ARE serious about Biz ENglish - and for them, you’d better know your stuff, because they are usually a discerning bunch, and can spot an under-trained, inexperienced, or ill-prepared teacher from a mile off.

One school you can check out is [color=darkblue]Lado Management Consultants[/color]. They’re in Taipei at Yucheng Street, Lane 140, Alley 23, Number 1. Their telephone number is +886 (02) 2788-5959. The boss there is Andy Ings, a Brit with many years of experience in the market. I worked for him for years, and found him to be a top-notch guy to work for.

Totally with Maoman on this one. I used to have a corporate exec that started out discussing legal forms of companies in different countries, procedures for IPO’s, etc., but really just wanted to know about my girlfriend, family, cat, and so forth.

Businesses classes often degenerate into general conversation with people who are just happy to be out of the office (or sitting in the conference room) for a few hours.

Whatever the actual students want, you first have to sell your services to whoever pays for the course. It helps to have an impressive CV and, although an MBA may be helpful, experience is what they’re really looking for.

Bear in mind too that, although they might think they need Business English, they are likely to know all the jargon and what they really need is grammar, grammar, and yet more grammar.

Great comments from Maoman and Stragbasher.

Ianthewalrus, if you have an MBA, have you every considered trying to do business, or something business-related, here in Taiwan? Even with limited Chinse ablility, you might be able to find a job as an English editor in an import/export company or one of the financial companies. Of course, the pay would probably be lower than teaching.

May I ask why you want to take 1-2 years off? And take some years off from doing what? Studying for an MBA or working in business?

[quote]Now I assume if I go to Taiwan, I will still teach kids in the morning[/quote],

Possibly, but not defintely.

Perhaps you have student loans to pay off, so I certainly understand the need to make money. Also, if you are sick of working in an office or dealing with corporate b.s., then teaching can be a wonderful change.

However, with an MBA, I would think you may want to get some experience working in something business-related in Asia.

Do you plan to study Chinese?

Or is your plan to just make as much money in 1-2 years and leave Taiwan?

I’m just curious. I’m just trying to present you with some other options, though I believe teaching is an interesting and challenging thing to do while you are here.

Good luck.

I am an MBA graduate in Thailand and will be in Taiwan to do a PhD in September this year. I have both English and Chinese ability. Would there be an opportunity for me to teach English or do some other jobs to relieve some financial burden while staying in Taiwan ? Thanks for advice.

Thanks for the quality responses!

Fee, I am a Hotel manager at present, although the MBA doesn’t get used as much, I enjoy working with people and meeting many from other places…yet am tired of it right now as well.

I am looking to pay off loans and just travel and live in a new culture for 1-2 years as you suggested. I haven’t thought of working in a business there because i basically have zero chinese skills…besides the basics. Plus, I do want to maximize my $$, thus I assumed teaching would be the one to do that.

Is the going rate going to be higher for “business English” or will it just be a way to get more privates, at the same going rates?

Will check out that school’s link, thanks maoman.