Any English web or info for getting marry in Taiwan?

Hi there, my boyfriend is from Denmark and I’m from Taiwan. We are planning on getting marry next month here. Is there any English info from the internet to check for the details?

He’s not living in DK at the moment but somewhere in the middle east? Anyone knows how to aplly the paper to prove that he’s single? Thanks for your hel!! My head is getting big as I don’t seem to find any useful info at the moment.

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A certificate of no impedance to marry( certificate of freedom to marry) issued from the relevant authority in Denmark, and stamped by the Taiwan office in Denmark, is required

Perhaps if he is not in Denmark, he should contact the Danish embassy in the country he is currently residing in to get it issued from there.

However the Taiwan authorities would still want it stamped in the Taiwan office in Denmark, and you may be forced to go the extra step of getting it stamped in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Denmark before they will stamp it in the Taiwan office.

Different countries have different ways of issuing certs either through the local registrar of department of foreign affairs. In some cases there are waiting times and residency requirements. Your boyfriend should get in contact with the Danish Authoritries to check the requirements

Taipei Representative Office in Denmark
Amaliegade 3, 2F, 1256 Copenhagen K Denmark

Tel.: (002-45) 33935152
Fax: (002-45) 33932235

You will also need what is known as a “Clean Paper.” This is a statement from the police of his last place of residence in Denmark that he has a clean criminal record. This paper MUST have the chop of the Denmark Taipei Representative Office. This is a requirement.

There is loads of information on this forum.

I recommend, my own post for a good summary. :slight_smile:

It’s 2 years old, but not out of date.


Hi thanks all of you!

I’m sure those information will be very useful to us.

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The official info is outlined below:


Q14: How do the foreign spouses who marry Taiwan citizens apply for registration of marriage?

  1. Authorized Authority: MOI (Population Administration Department)

  2. Basis of Law: Article 17 of Domiciliary Registration Law

  3. Procedures of Application:
    (1) Application should be made by the person concerned to the Population Administration Office in the domicile place of the national of R.O.C.
    (2) If the person concerned can not make the application in person, he/she should submit a letter of attorney requesting Population Administration Office to approve, then proceed with the application. (The letter of attorney should be certified by a R.O.C. embassy or representative if made abroad).

  4. Required Documents:
    b Marriage in Taiwan:[/b]
    a. Household list, ID card and chop of the R.O.C. national
    b. Certificate of marriage
    c. Foreign spouse’s ID certificate and the single status certificate certified by a R.O.C. embassy or representative
    b Marriage abroad:[/b]
    a. Household list, ID card and chop of the R.O.C. national
    b. Marriage-evidencing document certified by a R.O.C. embasy or representative, or the origional copy and Chinese translation copy of marriage registration filed with the foreign government.

  5. Foreign spouses should use Chinese names for marriage registration; the family name should comply with the usage of R.O.C. nationals.

The entire Handbook can be obtained from: