Any experiences dating a Taiwanese flight attendant?


Once i was loosely seeing a flight attendant. She just got dumped and I was her rebound guy for fun. It wasnt serious so I can’t say if her being a flight attendant factored into anything. We just went to a bunch of movies together and ate food. She was in her Early 30s. Really easy to get along with. Didn’t demand much. Left most mornings without waking me up. Don’t know what happened to her but we just lost touch without breaking up.


Does Kelly McGillis love me? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


She may have been “loosely” seeing other people too . Or basically she was “loosely” seeing YOU as well. YOu were a fulfillment to a temporary need. She wasn’t really into you, although you may have been at least physically into her. (har har… i will be here all week…)

AS for the TopGun girl. She kind of appeals to the young(er) lads who like Old(er) women, in that movie. The director was concerned she may have been too old for Tom Cruise at that time. But I thought she did a fabulous job in the movie and looked pretty hot even to a young guy (then) like me.

Some guys roll that way. They like women a few years older. Lookit the Prez of France? Now that is rolling pretty far.

In my complex there is a dude bout my age who went pretty far in the older direction, while i went pretty far in the other (younger) direction. The diff in age between his wife and my wife? Is a lifetime pretty much.


Didn’t really care. We weren’t together. I only called her when I was bored and wanted to go see a movie with someone or something.


Yup. And she felt the same way bout you obviously. “Someone or someTHING” Gosh that is COLD brother man. COLD ! I never thought of anyone I had sex with as a THING. Well maybe One girl…she was pretty dumb…poor thing…Didn’t have much upstairs. Pretty though.

You were both “loosely” seeing each other. And THAT my friend can be a gem .

If only i had a STEADY supply of ladies that I could “loosely” see. :slight_smile:

p.s. oh bout going to movies with someTHING…Once was at a movie house in Taipei and this guy brought his pet MONKEY… That was something.


Oh, one benefit of flight attendants is that they do speak English pretty well. I don’t think I can date a girl who didn’t speak English fluently.


Sometimes, especially with ones who one may be dating “loosely” it is a BENEFIT that you can’t really talk a whole hecka lot !


That is very true.


In the movie, she’s an instructor who gave lessons and advice to the young pilots. So, it made perfect sense that she’s a bit older than the male characters.
Val Kimer was a lot more good-looking, macho, and attractive than Tom Cruise, in my opinion.

I also prefer women older than I am, especially the mature and experienced type.
I think this preference has something to do with Oedipus Complex. It’s like, deep inside my heart, I still want an older female to lead me, to teach me, to give me advice, and to take care of me when I’m vulnerable.
The last type of women I would date are the ones who think they’re princess, immature and obnoxious. Unfortunately, most Taiwanese women are like that.
Anyway, I can definitely relate to the French President. LOL.


Is that you in the avatar picture?


That’s hard to argue with. Chi-Ling Jiejie is definitely well preserved. Unfortunately, her personality is so plastic and annoying that I could probably take about 30 seconds of her company before I started screaming. Of course, that could just be a fake personality she puts on for the cameras. But I’m thinking that frumpy old Kelly would probably be more enjoyable to hang out with.

Chi-Ling has an apartment just down the road from where I live, and I’ve seen her out walking in the neighborhood a few times. Can’t say that I had any inclination to say hi or ask her for her autograph or anything like that.


No one would deliberately put on some negative masks in public or at work.
When people are in public or at work, they spare no effort to put all those positive masks on, and hide their true colors as much as possible.
So, if you find a lady somehow like a beach even in public or at work, that’s exactly her true color, not a fake image.





Why is it difficult to understand?


He meant bitch.


I guess I was still pondering if M Lin is this annoying in real life, or if this is just a performance for us forumosans.



Is Mr.Lin the same on Formuosa as he is in real life? @discobot fortune


I stuffed up, let’s try again.

Is Mr.Lin the same on Formuosa as he is in real life? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My reply is no