Any experiences dating a Taiwanese flight attendant?


It’s better here in Forumosa, as people judge me by my action (what I typed and what I said).
In real life in Western countries, people judge me by a simple glance at my face and my ethnicity.
So, I would say that Internet forums like Forumosa is a lot more fair to me than the real world.


Just because one or two schmucks you’ve encountered in your life are racist and judged you based on your ethnicity doesn’t mean the majority of people you encounter in real life do. They probably judge you on your words and actions just like we do. I don’t think you’re a bad dude, Mr Lin. You just need to chill a bit on some of your strong opinions, especially when it comes to race.


Yeap, and they are remotely controlling the pigeons and getting them to shit on you too. Try not giving a shit about what you think other people may or may not be thinking about your identity. Seriously it works. :hugs:


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