Any Filipino Community in Hsinchu?

I’ve heard that there are a lot of Filipinos working in Hsinchu, especially in the Science Park area. Is there any filipino community in Hsinchu?

I will be working in a semiconductor company in Science Park starting 1st week of June and am seeking for a 2 bedroom apartment. Living near many filipinos would be better!

Look in the weekend issues of the English-language newspapers (China Post etc.) There are little ads for churches around the island that have English-language services. Go to the churches in Xinzhu on Sunday morning - you will find Filipinos aplenty.

Hsinchu International Church
Taiwan foreign language churches
Catholic churches in Taiwan

See also [url= Filipinos online?"[/url] - May I suggest a merger?

Hi Juba,

Thanks a lot for your information.

I would also like to know where most of the Filipinos in Hsinchu are living. I think it would be better if I’ll get a place near many Filipinos.

BTW, are you a filipino?

Salamat (Thanks),



I will be moving to Hsinchu in a few months, most probably on early June. Can somebody help me get an apartment near Science Park? A 2-bedroom apartment will do.