Any foreign physical therapists or chiropractors in Taipei?

A friend of mine is suffering from low back pain. If you know the contact info or clinic addresses of any foreign physical therapists or chiropractors in Taipei, please send me a message. It will be greatly appreciated.

I heard on ICRT that foriegn chiropractors in Taiwan were being told they could not practice, and face steep fines if they do. Might have heard wrong so don’t quote me on it. Something about the gpv’t wanting to regulate the whole ‘industry’.
It may have sent some chiropractics underground, in a manner of speaking.

Try Mark Griffin in taipei. I had a terrible neck injury and he got rid of it after a few sessions.

(02) 87713516


Regarding the question, I posted some information about a local chiropractor who speaks ok english, and has a wife who teaches English. He is located in neihu road. If you do a search…

You may try the National Taiwan University Hospital. It seems they have a good physiotherapy department with necessary equipments. I called 2 weeks ago for my husband (who is suffering from a piriformis syndrome) and they directed me to 2356-7890 to make appointment with Dr Chen Wen Xiang because apparently his English is very good. We did not go yet, since my husband is still abroad. But we will try on his return. I will then post a feedback.

If your friend goes there before us, please let us know.