Any form of compulsion for foreigners to file taxes here?

I have a question. In the old days you needed a stamp from the tax office in order to leave Taiwan if you’d been here a certain length of time. Then it was the case that you couldn’t get a new ARC without presenting a tax certificate. It appears that now there is no mechanism that forces a foreigner to file a tax return at any specific point in time. Is that the case? Completely neutral question, just curious.

You need to show that you paid your taxes if you want to get a new job or extend your current work permit. I had to provide proof that I paid my taxes when I renewed my work permit.

If you’re on a JFRV there’s no real way I think. I’m never asked to show tax receipts even when extending my ARC or getting a new job (well I certainly don’t recall it).

That said everybody is supposed to file taxes every year. I didn’t a few years ago and there wasn’t an issue (no income). But they could always check up on you so best to file some income every year. For those married to Taiwanese it’s usually filed jointly anyway.

Yeah but I just did that and was never asked for proof. I offered my tax certificate at the immigration office and the nice lady said they don’t need that anymore.

They do not need the paper thinghy because they finally linked the computers of NIA to tax office. They know already if you paid or not.