Any (Formerly) British Hong Kong citizens left in the police force?

Not too long ago I saw some foreigners wandering into my village. Not seeing many foreigners, I chatted with them… They turned out to be Hong Kong Citizens and worked as civil servants. They said they were treated normally and that was all the time there was for our conversation. Their bus came.
I love Hong Kong Movies and there were a lot of British Police officers in Mid ranking positions. I’m wondering if there were any still serving in Hong Kong. Yeah Yeah Yeah, there have been quite a few new Taiwan citizens serving in the military and it should only be a matter of time before they work for the police department but…
With this unrest between Hong Kong and China, wouldn’t it be a trip to see ethnically European Police Officers standing on the Chinese Side against the demonstrators in Hong Kong.

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Just to be clear… you met them in [your] village in Hong Kong?
You might also try to place this on some HK forum for wider audience.
20+ years after the handover, they would’ve just been hired before the handover, if indeed they were hired. Most do their 20-25 years and take the pension.

There appears to be a few still around…


Also using imported tear gas, rubber bullets etc

The UK needs the money. I believe we’re back to number 2 in arms sales.

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No, I met them in my village here in Taiwan.
I’m one of those foreigners who lives and works at home, about an hour or more away from the city. Between work and family, there’s no way to get to the city to socialize.
So to keep my English conversational skills from totally disintegrating I generally
“accost” any foreigners who happen to be passing through my village… Sorry.

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wow, then that indeed was a nice coincidence of bumping into them in Taiwan in your neck of the woods.
Which county’s countryside have you set up as your little own kingdom territory? :slight_smile:

It’s not that rural and it’s not a kingdom. It’s more like living in an isolation tank…
Spqa, gave me a taste of what I’m looking for. I’d like more info. I came here the month of the Hand Over. Never made it to Hong Kong.

I just saw a Hong Kong movie of A Foreign Steak Cooking heroin Pusher gangster who had the British officers of the Hong Kong police in his pocket on channel 61. Even though it took place during British Rule, the movie was made in 2018 it seems. Intersting…
Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy. I miss when the television used to have subtitles

idk… has any HK-produced movie ever put a foreigner in a good light, whether pre-/post-handover?

Seems there are still foreigners in high legal and civil service positions

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Thank for those articles. I’d like to learn more about the lives of foreign Citizens of Hong Kong especially those who are civil servants and have to represent the government’s position.
I just discovered an English radio station like ICRT that seems to have a lot of expat talent (can we call Europeans or children of those expats?).
It will be interesting what they have to say or not say when or if **it hits the fan.

That makes sense. I get a lot of contract jobs popping up in my inbox that require security clearance. A good 20% of the jobs on offer seem to be in weapons design.