Any GOOD bilingual doctors for treating bipolar?

Hi all,

I have a Chinese friend suffering from bipolar who currently gets prescribed a few different things (primarily Prozac as well as sleeping pills) from a doctor in Mackay hospital, but it doesn’t seem to be helping and I feel like the doctor actually couldn’t care less about individual cases.

Can anyone recommend a good (i.e. cares/spends a reasonable amount of time on individual patients) bilingual doctor (1st language should be Chinese) so that perhaps I could go along either to or after sessions and speak with him/her too to get advice on how to better support my friend’s specific case?

I’m thinking at this stage probably a small, private specialist facility, that provides BOTH the counseling and medication is what would be ideal rather than a big public general hospital.

I have seen the couple of threads here with links, but I’d really like a personal recommendation for the name of a specific doctor and facility rather than just a long list. Any help would be much appreciated.



I’ve had a couple of friends who were outpatients at the Wenfang Hospital psych dept., one ABC and one foreign, they had great results.
The staff seem to be very up-to-date, and pretty juducious with the meds.
Probably worth a try.
Places like McKay and 7DA, because they’re “Western”, tend to have a lot better reputations than they deserve, in my experience.
Give Wenfang a shot.
And hey, it has its own MRT stop, you can’t miss it.

Thanks, that could be a good option :slight_smile:

There’s a clinic called Skybright on Jhongshan N rd section 6 near the Community Services center that offers western style treatment. Doctor Shawn Lin speaks English well. Counseling and medication.

I think the number is 2835 5329

I had my third “wigging session/psychotic episode” while living in Taiwan. My (ex)wife did a bunch of research and found (what she claimed to be) the BEST doctor in the country (although Taiwanese always seem to make this claim about something…) That being said this doctor succeeded where every doctor in the US failed. He got me to willingly take medication AND he worked with me looking for a solution that I liked. (I was diagnosed with bipolar AWESOMEorder when I was 20, I’m 29 now.)

I started off taking Zyprexa, Depakote and some sleeping pill. I didn’t like the Zyprexa (so he stopped it), didn’t like the sleeping pill (so he stopped it) and I got stabilized with Depakote (or some generic).

I’ve since weened myself off of medication (although it’s something I wouldn’t recommend unless someone is in a REALLY stable environment and knows their triggers very well).

OK, enough background. I have NO idea what the doctor’s name was. I’ll try looking through my papers when I get back to the house. If you want to email me, I can forward the email to my (ex)wife (<-- Still not used to that yet I guess… lol) and I’ll see what she says. I went to that hospital next to 228 park (can’t remember the name). He was in the mental health section and his office was always at the end of the row of offices to the left (when walking towards them all, it’s a T section).

Email = miltownkid at gmail dot com

Note: Forgot to mention that he was bilingual and was trained in English speaking countries.