Any good deals to Bangkok or Singapore?

Thinking bout going to Bangkok or Singapore next month, anybody heard of any good 3 or 4 day deals??

I’d be going mid Dec and not Christmas, so hopefully won’t be affected by the holiday booking problem.


I think I am gonna take my GF to Samui for CNY. It seems that usually a flight to Bangkok ranges from 7000 to 10000K. How much should I expect this to increase during CNY? Is it better to book the Bangkok-Samui leg in Thailand? I was quoted an exhorbitant price here in Taipei…Any advice will be much appreciated.


I paid a staggering NT$18,000 last year. Then of course there’s the 6,400 Baht round flight from Bangkok.

Worth it though. Absolutely enjoyed Koh Tao.


We’re thinking of Koh Tao this CNY. Couldn’t get sense out of EZ Travel today, and Thai air are quoting 13000NT to BKK.

Anyone seen better?

I ended up paying 13500 with Eva to Bangkok during CNY., but was quoted as high as 22000 with some airlines. However, I have a question. The prices quoted here in Taipei for a joining flight to Samui are absolutely sky-high…is it better just to pay them at the airport in Thailand. I believe the airline is Bangkok Airways. I heard you can’t book online until the new year…their website is archaeic.


Bangkok Airways habve a monopoly on flight to Koh Samui. They fly every hour and I recall it costing Baht 3,200 one way if you buy at the airport.


Recently purchased a ticket to BKK through the China Airlines website for about 6500 including taxes. Its about half what I had been paying through my travel agent.