Any good remedy for the skin fungus

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the inevitable sweating is occurring I am getting the skin fungus in the areas where I sweat the most (under the arms, around the waist where my belt is, between the legs, etc). I went to a clinic once and they said it was a fungus that can be cured with a cream. They gave me a cream and a pill which I took for about a week. It cured the fungus but it keeps coming back.

Does anyone that has this problem use anything over the counter that they can recommend? Is there some cream at Cosmed, Watson’s, etc. that will work. I don’t want to have to go to the clinic each time this occurs because I would be going about every week.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

What you describe could be many types of fungi. Even simple heat rash (like babys get). One very common fungal infection of the skin, especially in this humid environment, is “tinea versacolor” (aka M. furfur).

  • It is actually a normal yeast that lives on your body all of the time. In some people, for unknown reasons, it periodically grows out of control, causing the rash-like symptoms.

  • It is persistent, and never goes away completely for most people.

  • It can be controlled and made more or less dormant with a combination of two things: First, a course of an oral anti-fungal medication. Probably like what you took before. Second, biweekly applications of a medicated shampoo to all affected areas. Something like Nizoral. Both are available in Taiwan.

EDIT: Talking about tinea versicolor: Unless you just like the nice warm feeling that you get from rubbing stuff on yourself, you can skip the creams because they never really help and are quite inconvenient and time-consuming.

A few links: … icolor.htm … 110900.pdf … 82258.html (not as effective as Nizoral)

EDIT: In the event that it isn’t tinea versacolor, but another similar ailment called Jock Itch or tinea cruris, something interesting to pass on. One of the most effective treatments is actually a cream for vaginal yeast infections. One that has miconazole nitrate as the active ingredient.

Try to keep your skin cool and dry, too. Wear sandals without socks when possible; take shoes off often to let your feet air out; wear loose, airy clothing; wear boxers instead of snug briefs; go naked around the house. It helps. You can also buy the creams at any pharmacy.

try to wear breathable undergarments and i find using baby powder helps a lot.

the heat is coming on!

If it’s a real fungus you can treat it with Canesten (if available here). But even you can’t see it anymore you need to continue treatment for at least 2-3 weeks, else it will come back. However I suggest you consult a doctor first.

“Dr. Skin” here in Tainan, who is an actual graduate of Harvard Medical School (not someone who just attended a seminar there and got a pice of paper that looks like a Harvard Medical degree - as he is known to explain) has reccomended a white creme call “Hupicon” to me and it does work on the itching and burning.
I think it treats the ‘symptoms’ well, but I’m not convinced it actually cure the ‘problem.’ If you understand what I mean.
I think this is available over the counter in the drug stores.

Yes, I believe I’ve seen Canesten here. Anyway, creams with its active ingredient, clotrimazole, certainly are.

Canesten doesn’t work, and the doctors are morons with this problem. I tried everything… and the only thing that works was Peravyl. Actually i forget the name, but I can check at home. But I had a problem with this that would last almost all year. I put this stuff on, head to foot for 3 nights in a row and everything cleared up. Afterwards I was supposed to do the same thing with Selsun medicated anti-dandruff shampoo but I was too lazy… it still hasn’t come back, but summer is on its way.

Well, it did work for me many years ago when I got a skin fungus, ironically while being hospitalized. At least I was in good care already. :smiley:

I agree. I have used a cream called Chu-Fu Cream by Winston with great success.

Just confirmed… its called Pevaryl. It really worked well for me after I had these red blotchy rashes from my neck all the way down my back for over 9 months. The active ingredient is Econazole Nitrate 1% w/w. Its a foaming solution.

Obviously, no tool fixes all problems. The first step to choosing the right tool (cream, medication) is to correctly identify the problem (fungus).

Which is why I’m saying that caneston is not the right one. Caneston usually comes in a concentrated form in a little tube. Its not designed to cover a back, its designed for jock itch, tinea etc.

For the whole back u need a foaming solution and it needs to remain on your back over night. If your back isn’t so bad, I can give you a bottle of Selsun Gold anti-dandruff shampoo… this was supposed to be put on in the same way as the foaming solution once a week to prevent it coming back. I have several bottles

You can buy other shampoos with Econazole Nitrate, not just the Pevaryl brand, here.