Any great resource/website to predict Taiwan's future Covid regulations?

Especially, how likely is it that Taiwan will maintain unpaid 7 day quarantine by late Sep? I need to do the administrative and budget planning now.

But it’s only 3 days unless you mean if you catch covid?

Forumosa is probably your best bet. You’ll need to read all COVID related posts since 2020 and extrapolate.


There are additional 4 days of so-called “health management”. So I can’t go to work basically. And quarantine hotels accept only 8 nights, can’t even book 3 days here and 4 days there.

Right. I find this website amazingly good.

Do you expect there will still be 7 day quarantine by the end of Sep?

To extrapolate it as you say it, is Taiwan really loosening the regulation at all?

I expect 3 days of quarantine and 4 days of self-health management at that time. But to be frank, I didn’t follow the discussion much, so I might be wrong.

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I thought you could go to work during the four days of “health management”? :thinking:


I don’t know what other companies are doing but my employer doesn’t allow it :frowning:

They say you can go to work m my school told me not to but paid me to work remote

“health management” nobody actually cares. In the document they send you, they put that you can’t eat at restaurants and in front of other people, but they don’t say anything about going to work. People actually go to work, at least in the companies I know.

Yeah, “health management” is a load of bollocks. Basically, I can do whatever I want, except I have to sleep at the expensive quarantine hotel at the end of the day because I don’t have my own residence. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they explicitly said you can go to work.

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Depending on your industry, and with permission, you may be able to go to work during the +4 (providing you test negative).

EDIT: Plus what @FatKaz said.


Any great resource/website to predict Taiwan’s future Covid regulations?

I can do you one better. You can buy the same state-of-the-art predictive tool the CECC uses on Amazon.





It depends on your head size. If it’s small, you may be able stick it up the CECC’s bungholes and get a glimpse of what they’ll pull out next before the rest of us do.

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not possible. best bet is to learn the culture, understand the politics then see how international thuggery plays a role. Then make an educated guess and basically pick and choose 50/50 outcomes with the rest of us.

Taiwan, sadly, is always a place of not being able to plan well long term. It is why so many either leave or die young, I bet.

The ever-helpful Cookie Bandit has sprung back into action with a primer on Taiwan’s current and future COVID regulations as they pertain to inbound travellers:

The answer to Question 5 is that regular hotels are fine.


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